Loose Lips

| Blain


Having spent his early years trawling through raves in the North of England, he truly settled when at University. Helping to run Crystal Clear, which played host to a raft of names over the years such as Zed Bias, Mumdance and Murlo; it was this family that really cemented Blain into the lifestyle; through learning to mix and expanding his musical diversity.

A quick move to Manchester, and Blain wanted to find a way in which he could make the most out of his passion, and more importantly; to create something that gave all those late nights some credibility. Originally put in touch with Data Transmission; Tom carved out his reputation, with interviews from the likes of Jurassic 5, Verb T and North Base; no genre stone was left unturned. It's these pieces which brought him to our attention and that was the start of something great with Loose Lips.  Since joining the crew; Blain has helped across the board with live events and as an Editor

Find him by the speakers or deleting entire sections of that piece you spent ages writing.