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DnB Fix 004 – Black Shield – Monty & Visages


DnB Fix 004 – Black Shield – Monty & Visages

This week we’re jumping in the deep end with a fresh release from 1985 Music; a label so closely entwined in Drum & Bass royalty it most certainly deserves your attention.


Founded by Alix Perez, the label has been the home to some of the deepest, darkest tracks to grace the world's ears; with releases from the man himself, alongside the likes of Bredren and Halogenix, the imprint has gone from strength to strength since inception.

But one producer has really found 1985 the place to call home, and that is Monty.  Making way for his fifth solo release on the label, his signature sound runs deep on the Blinded EP (ONEF023).  It’s surprising to hear such a developed sound from such a newcomer, but that’s not stopped the Toulouse-based artist from working with some of the biggest players in the scene, and this release is no different; with collaborations with Alix Perez and Visages alongside his own solo tracks.

It’s his collaboration with Visages which brings us here today. Starting off deep, atmospheric and minimal, the track quickly develops with the help of the melody; building up the intensity level before crashing down almost out of the blue with the showstopping bassline. Not to mention there’s a naughty little vocal hook in there for good measure, we’re taking answers on postcards if you can tell us where it’s from.