Loose Lips

LL019 - Lapis - Possy

The first single from the amazing Lapis, a singer-songwriter who many of us grew up with and have seen blossom into an incredible talent! Many of you may have heard her incredible voice and energy on the beautiful spoken word piece, Within All Things, released on Vol.II of our recent LL017 compilation.

This new and fruitful collaboration with the infamous Dr. Pudding, also responsible for Within All Things, gives way to an ethereal ballad, pondering on friendship and hope. Simultaneously soothing and emotional, the track brings a sense of freedom, a little escape and release from life’s often fast pace.

Accompanying the original is a remix by St-Petersburg-based enchanter Nuage, combining Possy’s story-telling with sublime breakbeats and rave-inspired euphoria.

“The song was written and produced in a strong time that brought me back into the groove. It was written in a moment of empowerment amongst the community around me. We face setbacks when dealing with more delicate days, and the struggles we battle with when taking a moment to focus on yourself can easily lead you to be disregarded socially. I felt a calling reminding me to minimise the judgements we put out and enjoy the individual relationships and potential projects we are able to form when we step up and have faith. The positive outlook and approach is infectious. Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” Lapis