Loose Lips

LL018 - Charlie Boy Manson Remixes #2

Following last year’s Charlie Boy Manson Remix V/A (LL015), which introduced you to a series of incredible and surprising remixes of the gritty, lofi and twisted rap masterpiece, Charlie Boy Manson And The Handsome Family...we’re now proud to present two more remixes from two innovative producers, both based in the North West of the UK!

The two remixes offer two sides of a similarly mettlesome coin...

Classically trained musician and idiosyncratic producer, Sid Quirk, renders up a stripped down, serpentine re-work of Distraust that flexes in a system of feedbacks and echoes, working in elasticity with the chopped vocals and a thorax-vibrating bassline.

M62 founder and bass music obsessor, Tubz, then dips Missiter in dubby grime juice on his remix, giving the vocals an even more sombre tone. Optimal for soundsystems!