Loose Lips

LL011 - Circula - Thought Reel

Welcome to the thought reel. It is, like everything, the collection and ultimate regurgitation of ideas, sounds and feelings. As a listener, you are welcome to see a thread and a direction through the music, or not. You will also meet, probably for the first time, a guy called Zaphod. It is a privilege to have him involved with this EP and hopefully it will be the first of many collaborations with him. 

Delve into this intricate and thought-provoking release, spanning dub, spoken word and electronica.

Released 01/02/17.

You can purchase the EP, digitally and/or on cassette, at looselips123.bandcamp.com. Cassette purchase includes:

- Limited edition racing green cassette
- Loose Lips sticker
- Zaphod sticker