Loose Lips

The Brixton All-Day Charity Event (Loose Lips x Resonate x Philanthropy)
August, 13th 2:00pm - 12:00am

The Brixton All-Day Charity Event (Loose Lips x Resonate x Philanthropy)

Join us for a wonderful day of community, creativity & diversity, all in aid of the Calais Refugee Community Kitchen. Donations are much appreciated and a portion of Pop Brixton's bar intake will be donated as well.

There will also be some charitable auctions on the day - from some of the artists involved and from The NZ Cellar Wine company.

MUSIC (Hip Hop/Funk/Electro):

- Dexorcist aka Si Brown (funk/electro/bass)


- AJMW (live sp-404 set)


Ashley Warden is 21 year old producer from Welwyn Garden City, UK. Taking influence from Jazz, Funk & Soul music, he crafts his own signature blend of experimental Hip Hop-based electronic music.

- Miss Mounment (breaks)


Miss Monument has become well known for her versatile sets and playlists, pushing pumping dance floor beats, with an eclectic injection of all things funky, ska, dub, jungle, bouncy and booty. Basically this girl plays anything that makes her want to dance, while making sure everyone else is joining in the party with her! Having cut her talent on pirate radio, she rapidly worked her way up from the London underground scene, through to playing clubs and festivals in the UK such as Glastonbury and Boomtown...and all around the World, such as in Columbia, Thailand, China, Ibiza ad Miami. She can be found regularly DJ’ing alongside top acts such as Stanton Warriors, Deekline, Meat Katie, The Freestylers, Chris Liberator and JFB.

- Moocha (jungle/bass)


DJ Moocha has been representing the underground jungle and hip hop movement since way back when he was a part of London's ACME Soundz crew. Cutting his teeth back in the mid 90s on the legendary Flex FM, and later on Origin FM, he's always been a big man of radio. He now guests on Kool London and Barricade Radio. His sets combine elements of Jungle, DnB, Dub and Hip Hop. He has released a slew of tunes on labels such as We Buy Gold, Hooked Records, Ricochet Records and Programmed Cell Death.

- Dotz (live hip hop)


- Broke Records Label Showcase


Having both dropped solo projects (The Guilty EP, Dying Proof) and a crew project (Hoof Prints) on Broke Records, rappers Luca Brazi and Archetype link up with team member DJ Suagi from Moose Funk Squad to bring you a medley of bangers from the back catalog.

- Dan Oddysee (live hip hop)


A product of his environment, Dan was born and raised in Birmingham city. It's a love hate relationship. He started making music when he was 16, soon forming a coalition named 'The Oddysee'. Blood in blood out - they've got big tings planned for the near future such as their own independent record label along with their own individual projects. They are due to be working with the likes of Eatgood & Blah records! Stay tuned boppers...stay tuned...

- SWMS (live hip hop)


What do you find in Totnes? Well, crystals, hippies and also one of Devon’s dopest hip hop outfits, going by the name of ‘South West Mind State'. They consist of Treece, Cascavet, Gormless, Ritten, Crook & Cool Hand. This collective of like minded individuals have been making some serious moves over the last couple of years. They smashed it out at our day party last summer and Loose Lips have since made them their resident MCs. With a host of festival appearances already behind them this summer, they're on a roll!

- MC Brown (live hip hop)


Born and bred in Brixton, Chris Brown is a rapper who focuses on community-based messages and the numerous charity events he has supported. Brown's lyrics are always clean and well thought out.

This is reflected through his fantastic work for youth projects and secondary schools, running song lyrics writing classes. Browns objective was for the kids to start using more of their vocabulary when writing their lyrics, adding a deeper meaning to their songs.

- Inperspective Records Showcase


Inperspective Records, founded in 1997 has become one of the best loved and most respected leftfield D&B imprints. Over the years a number of now highly respected artists have produced some of the most groundbreaking music to be pressed onto vinyl (we say!).

- Efé (poet/spoken word)

Efé is a poet and spoken word artist from North London. She has wowed audiences around the city with her art, influenced by a collision of her African ancestry and British upbringing.

She was recently featured on Amy True's (People's Army) 'True Stories Project' which included an EP, documentary and live show. She has performed in venues such as Hackney Attic, MostArt Centre and Rye Wax and at shows such as FLO, Soulfull Café and Connek4.

Efé was recently a guest on SoulPurpose Radio (Hoxton FM) hosted by AyiTe.

"...a creative and insightful individual with the ability to captivate an entire room of people with a few words..."

AyiTe (SoulPurpose)

She is set to make waves in the UK poetry scene.

- Soul Purpose (AyiTe / O.J.Hooding) (live hip hop)


Soul Purpose are a Hip-Hop duo from London, consisting of artists AyiTe and Olly Hodding. The two combine raw, soulful production with distinctively poetic lyricism and have carved out their own signature style. It delivers a fresh new sound, whilst still paying homage to the golden era of the culture.

- Indestructable Sound Oddysey (funk party hop/electro)


- Unklefunk/Sebatronic (funk/soul/hip hop)

- Loose Lips Residents (funk/soul/disco)



- Mia Johnson (exhibition)


Sandgrownian 23 year old northerner, Mia Lily Johnson designs for London’s eclectic magazine industry. Interested in the dynamics between shape, form, movement and colour, her personal work portrays fusions between fine art and editorial design.

- JulioCesartist8 (live painting)


In March 2012 after being assaulted by the doorman in a bar in central London, Julio ended up in prison for a period of two and a half years. He took up painting as a form of escapism from the monotonous and tedious regime of prison life and used the medium as a way to mentally leave the compounds of his 12x6 feet cell.

The work looks into thoughts, feelings, emotions, internal conflicts and desires - an exploration of what he experienced each and every day of the two and a half years served in the over crowded and basic conditions of the prison system. I produced around sixty paintings, recycling the prison fire blankets as canvases and using acrylic paints as this was the only paints allowed to be used. Painting became my passion and my new story-telling medium when I had no access to a camera.

- Abby Jackson

- Suzan Orge Borovas (exhibition)


- Katy Binks (live painting)


Included in the Catlin Art Guide in 2014, Katy Binks was recognised as one of forty of the most promising graduates from art schools across the UK. A bold and vibrant printmaker Katy is renowned for her abstract designs with a confident portfolio that, in her own words, has become “Bigger, Brighter and Bolder”.

Katy's practice is diverse and has grown to include site specific installations, limited edition prints and textile design. Her site specific pieces are bold and engaging, working carefully with colour to engage on a symbolic, associative, synesthetic, and emotional level. Overall her work is rooted in abstraction, mediated through digital and analogue technologies Katy looks to create ‘impure’ works that move between painting, print, object and installation.

- Alex Strangius (VJ)


- Mojo Kojo


Mojo Kojo is the name, bridging the gap between streetwear and African print clothing. Launching just over a year ago with an aspiration to make African fashion more accessible, we’ve created a Summer collection inspired by our love for 90s fashion. Our collection ranges from bumbags, two piece outfits, cami dresses and the waviest shirts about. All our pieces are handmade by local seamstresses in Nigeria. Check out our store on the link above.

- Embodied Apparel


Embodied Apparel is a new artist movement uniting body, heart and soul into events, exhibitions and clothing. Our main goal at Embodied is to give young talented artists the opportunity to bring their creations into the eyes of a larger audience. We admire all forms of art and want to bring as many people with different talents, backgrounds and dreams together in unity and love.

The last few limited edition first release of Embodied Apparel will be available to buy at the event, alongside a few unique paintings from Embodied owner Ed Millo. Come, relate, and collaborate.

- Bowl Cut Garms


A London duo with backgrounds in the Design and Music Industry, the concept was talked over Christmas 2015 and launched the next month on a tiny budget. 7 months later, 20 designs later, and they've been featured in Time Out, The Daily Mirror and The Lad Bible and they've been on a wave since. They make limited edition t-shirts & hoodies for Musicians, Political satirists, radio personalities and pretty much everyone else. Expect some exclusives especially for the event.


- Container Records


Container Records is a vinyl shop situated in a former shipping container. They sell rave music, music for nightclubs, Rock, Punk, Indie, Metal, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Soundtracks and Obscure Leftfield Weirdness.

They stock a selection of new and preowned music, as well as accessories and apparel, and aim to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and accessible space to explore independent music. They won't make you feel judged...

- Elements Bound


Elements Bound produce live musical elements with digital beats – from dub to drum and bass, reggae to classical, house and techno, through to breakbeat and jungle. Based in Brixton, the label works with a wide range of artists – from established names such as Segs (Ruts DC), Supa 4 (Trojan Sound System), and Larry Love (Alabama 3) – alongside up and coming talent from the streets of London and beyond. The sub labels are 'Digitally Organic' which cover drum and bass, jungle and breaks, while 'Rump Records' focuses specifically on House and Garage. All other music fits within Elements Bound - hip hop, reggae, alternative, electronic. Elements Bound Productions provides music for film and TV, widening the scope for soundtracks and soundscape productions across the team.

- Broke Records


Broke Records was established in 2013 as a platform for struggling artists to combat the over saturated, low payed UK music scene. With this struggle in mind, each artist on the roster has been forced to break away from the norm to achieve their own identity and stand out from the bland and familiar, resulting in a raw and honest sound, whilst keeping the balance between serious and fun.

Expect regular hip hop bangers and modern soul with a "love before money" policy, firmly in place.

- Inperspective Records


Inperspective Records, founded in 1997 has become one of the best loved and most respected leftfield D&B imprints. Over the years a number of now highly respected artists have produced some of the most groundbreaking music to be pressed onto vinyl (we say!).

Artists include: Breakage, Equinox, Fracture & Neptune, ASC, Survival, Profane, Senses, Chris Inperspective, Andy Skopes, Polska, Alpha Omega, Macc & dgoHn and Pariah.

- Darkfloor Sound


London based Darkfloor Sound is a record label of diverse cohesion. Headed up by host of Mantis Radio and music obsessive DVNT. Releasing material by the likes of Ontal, Savagen, David Meiser, Matt TdK, Vacated, Voidloss and their latest signing, the FSOL endorsed Herd.