Loose Lips

Overground x Shapework // Rommek b2b Medallion Man
August, 14th 11:00pm - 15th 5:00am

Overground x Shapework // Rommek b2b Medallion Man

For the next collaboration of Overground and Shapework, we will be teaming up with London’s Loose Lips for a techno-focussed special right at the peak of the Fringe Festival.

Rommek is a London-based techno Producer and a resident DJ of Loose Lips. His brand of atmospheric, percussively-driven techno caught the attention of James Ruskin, who signed Rommek to his acclaimed Blueprint label for a four-track record which has seen support from the likes of Detroit-legend-turned-local-Edinburgh-resident, DJ Rolando.

Medallion Man is co-founder and resident of Loose Lips and assistant label manager/head of publishing at the established label, 2020Vision recordings. He started playing on the radio, developing an unique take on experimental and electronic music. His current project is with Radar & MEATtransMISSION in which his Loose Lips show invites some high-profile artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis. 

The two will be going B2B following opening sets from Overground and Shapework residents. We cannot wait for the chaos that August’s 5am licensing makes inevitable, and will be taking the opportunity to explore the heavier end of the techno spectrum.