Loose Lips

Loose Lips x Skoop x Bristo Beats - in Edinburgh - with Jaisu
April, 28th 11:00pm - 29th 3:00am

Loose Lips x Skoop x Bristo Beats - in Edinburgh - with Jaisu

Join us at Henry's Cellar Bar where UK-spread, DIY collective Loose Lips, host their first event north of the border - in collaboration with local collectives Skoop Records and Briso Beats.

Expect an eclectic mix of styles, revolved around Hip Hop, but ranging from donk to disco and most things in between!

£5 pre-sale tickets


- Jaisu (Astral Black)

Although best known for his work as midi programmer on Susan Boyles smash hit debut, Jaisu has rebranded himself as #1 thrash metal guitarist in his home country of Benidorm. Now he returns to dae the decks - blinding your third eye with a healthy sprinkling of soap bar.

- Treece x Gormless x Medallion Man (Loose Lips/SWMS)

The Mancunian and London bosses of Loose Lips come together for a special Hip Hop Jam...

- Cleaverhype b2b Fionn the Human (Skoop/Elektrikal)

2 Local DJ/Producers come together to bring what promises to be a head-banging, heart-throbbing blend of their unique individual styles and tastes. Expect heavy bass and bouncing drums!

- Ross al Ghul x Pastry B (Fresh Air Radio)

Ross al Ghul is a composer and DJ, originally from Memphis. His music focuses on conjuring the sounds of the streets, the subway stations, fields, and forests, the voices of people singing and dancing, communicating with each other. Pastry b comes from the kitchen to mix street beats & dystopian atmospheres. Bringing a variety of originals mixed with live samples in a jive-ass tempo. Together they produce tracks and host Bristo Beats radio show on Freshair.org.uk.

- Swvn (Skoop/Urchxins)

One of Glasgow's most prominent MC's at the moment, Swvn has an untouchable flow and delivery with smooth, almost sometimes surreal lyricism. Building up quite a buzz after a series of new videos with Wavvy Music, his live sets effortlessly meander through boom bap, garage, grime and trap, while maintaining a distincly ephemeral atmosphere.

- Onetzu x Teknique (Skoop)

Two of Edinburgh's finest homegrown MC's, the piff wizards are back from the mythical realms of mazdar to take to the stage with a host of new material, more wenged out than ever before, for a live show guaranteed to be dripping with surreal imagery and oozing with greasy production.

- Foula (live SP 404 set) (Skoop)

Expect dusty dystopian drum patterns and bleak sub-bass groves littered with rare gems as the extremely elusive producer takes up the buttons live on stage. This one is not to be missed.