Loose Lips

Loose Lips x SKOOP in Leeds - Trim, L U C Y, Jack Danz, Samurai Breaks
April, 5th 10:00pm - 6th 4:00am

Loose Lips x SKOOP in Leeds - Trim, L U C Y, Jack Danz, Samurai Breaks

SKOOP & Loose Lips are coming to Leeds!

The 2 monstrous UK collectives are making their debut in Hifi Club with an absolute stonker of a line up featuring the one and only Trim aka Trimbal aka Taliban Trim aka Sith Lord Trim-Trim Cherooooooooo!!!



Trim has been a standout figure on the grime scene since his days in Roll Deep, from the critically acclaimed "Soulfood" mixtape series through to more recent collaborations with heavyweight producers such as Bad Taste Record's Walter Ego and Mercury Prize winner James Blake.

Joined in the dance by Bristol's golden gyal L U C Y, definitely on the rise at the moment, her sets are a delicious blend of Hybrid Grime, 2-step, and Trap with a splash of Baile thrown in for good measure.

If that weren't enough, we are also joined by the pride of Leeds’ hip hop scene, Defenders of Style's Jack Danz, footwork booty beats guru Samurai Breaks, the hairy chested Loose Lips sender Medallion Man, and Scottish Skoop rudeboys, Tzusan pon mic and Dearly Beloved pon deck.

DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE! Gunna be a madness.



L U C Y (Reprezent/Rinse FM)

Samurai Breaks (Putting In Werk)

Jack Danz (Defenders of Style)

Tzusan (SKOOP)

Medallion Man b2b Dearly Beloved (Loose Lips/SKOOP)