Loose Lips

Loose Lips X Kulture Project - Jungle/Hardcore Marathon
December, 7th 10:00pm - 8th 4:00am

Loose Lips X Kulture Project - Jungle/Hardcore Marathon

Loose Lips and Kulture Project have linked up to bring an absolute Hardcore & Jungle madness to Stage & Radio this festive period. We have invited Sheffield based Jungle dons 'Green Bay Wax' to headline proceedings. Hold tight for announcements of an intimate pre-party in everyone's favourite record shop. 




Times: 22:00-04:00

Tickets: £5, £7, £9

Location: Stage & Radio, 43 Port St, Manchester, M1 2EQ


Line up:

- Kid Lib & Percussive P - (Green Bay Wax)



Green Bay Wax is a label & collective uncompromisingly putting out exclusively 90s style Jungle, Drum & Bass & Hardcore. Whilst keeping the tunes fresh, they have the strictest focus towards that "golden era" sound and a passion for the movement it brought with it. All Junglist & Junglettes Hold Tight! 

- Six Sunsets (JUNGLE SET) - (Sub FM/Lively Up) 


Six Sunsets are an acclaimed producer/DJ duo specialising in bass-centric electronic music. Since their inception in October 2014, the pair have enjoyed a host of digital and vinyl releases, with positive reviews from the likes of Mixmag, Trusik and Duploc, alongside completing a round of European festivals and a debut US tour in 2017. Bassweight is the name of the game with these guys.


- Luke Leadbelly (Project13)


Part time Mancunian Producer/DJ | Full time 0161 Don | Part of the Furniture

Luke Leadbelly has remained a steady stalwart on the Manchester circuit, evolving with the sounds that have peaked and fallen away throughout that time. Come down on the 7th to hear his signature sound for yourselves.

- Sl8r (Deep In The Jungle) 


From 0121 to 0161. Regular face at all things 170+ in Manchester, Sl8r's unique production and selection style on the 1's and 2's has left us no choice but to get this man on board.

- Impurity (Less Effect)


Liverpool based vinyl stalwart, for the heads that know.