Loose Lips

Loose Lips x First Floor - Fundamental Interaction + Kalli + Sheik + Residents
January, 29th 10:00pm - 30th 6:00am

Loose Lips x First Floor - Fundamental Interaction + Kalli + Sheik + Residents

Extended 6am licence


A new year and a new collaboration - Loose Lips & First Floor's first parties of 2016 come as one! With a stellar line-up showcasing London's finest local techno, get yourself down to Bar A Bar for a raucous night.

- Fundamental Interaction

Following an initial vinyl appearance on Lyon's CLFT with his remix of Kaelan's Callout, Fundamental Interaction saw his first solo vinyl appearance on the Habitat compilation curated by the highly respected Argentinian label Krill Music. This was followed with his first full solo effort for CLFT in 2013, with remixes from Aubrey and Lee Holman - itproved a highly accomplished debut EP. Moving into 2014 he continued his relationship with CLFT by remixing Binny's Destroyer. Now as half of the ever-growing 'Dyad' duo who played at our 1st Anniversary event and with some fantastic recent podcasts under his belt, Mark is sure to tear up Bar A Bar.

- Kalli

Subconsciously inspired by electronic music and other genres from a young age.

Out of pure curiosity, and the intrigue of sampling, Kalli began experimenting making instrumentals on a computer in his early teens. His styles matured, revisiting a love for late 80's and 90's Manchester music, more specifically of the acid rave scene that flourished just before his time.

Adventures around the Pennine hills, space explorations, positive sleep paralysis and near-forgotten greek village music and a variety of unorthodox meditation methods are one of many sources of inspiration for Kalli. Growing up in an industrial small town outside Manchester has most definitely influenced his sound.

Releasing on a variety of labels with dark electronic music and fresh remixes on Files Records, Initial Berlin,
MDNGHT Records, he is a man with a plan!

Sheik (District Sound/Hexagon)

Sheik has been on the London Underground circuit for just coming up to 2 years now. With vast contrasts of taste, he showcases his passion through many outlets. 'Sheik' and his new alias 'S.D.S' both express different shades of the music spectrum. He has a few enthralling releases coming up this year so listen out for them!

Loose Lips Residents:

With T-Scale's debut London performance for Loose Lips, it's an extra special outing for the family!

- Rommek (Loose Lips/Weekend Circuit/ARTS)
- Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Hoxton FM)
- T-Scale (Loose Lips/Coconot Robot)

First Floor Residents:

Over the past year First Floor have been curating the finest Techno line-ups in Brighton, booking the likes of Anthony Parasole, Ryan Elliot, XDB, Steevio and Italojohnson to name but a few. On the 29th of Janurary they make the trip up to London from the sea-front to start what will hopefully be the first of many Loose Lips collaborations to come!

- James Dodd
- Charles Green