Loose Lips

Loose Lips x C7NEMA100 presents: Parallel Action feat. Charlie Boy Manson EP - RELEASE LAUNCH PARTY
May, 21st 6:00pm - 22nd 12:00am

Loose Lips x C7NEMA100 presents: Parallel Action feat. Charlie Boy Manson EP - RELEASE LAUNCH PARTY

In April, we (Loose Lips & C7NEMA100) dropped our first ever vinyl release - a unique collaborative project, joining forces to present a standout hip hop experiment, fusing raw production with burning lyricism and punk-inspired attitude.

Now, as full lockdown passes and we can gather again, we’re celebrating at The Cause in Tottenham on Friday 21st May - bringing together a line-up of talented DJs and live performers from across the UK who are connected to the project. We’ll be jamming out to the yard’s Funktion One rig, selling the remaining records from the EP and also offering p some exclusive merch made just for the event!


- Parallel Action - the mad composer behind the release’s production.

- Charlie Boy Manson - the release’s vocalist whose beautiful mug is on the cover, Loose Lips don, down from Manchester….

- WondRWomN - rapper and vocalist on Parallel Action’s newest single.

- Hue Jah Fink - the man who pressed the records!

- Medallion Man b2b Kortzer - Loose Lips label crew come together…

- Rommek - incredible producer, LL resident and remixer of Charlie Boy Manson’s previous ‘And The Handsome Family’ project



Street food: People's burger

The Yard, #Southside at The Cause