Loose Lips

Loose Lips Winter Rave - with Dave Monolith, Radioactive Man, P-Hocto & Residents
December, 4th 10:00pm - 5th 5:00am

Loose Lips Winter Rave - with Dave Monolith, Radioactive Man, P-Hocto & Residents


Two of our very favourite producers join us at Bar 512 for our last party of 2015 - with support from P-Hocto & residents.

As well as amazing music, we'll have some mulled wine and live gaming available....keep it real!

Pre-sale: £4 / £6 / £9
OTD: £10


- Dave Monolith (Rephlex) - LIVE


Dave Monolith, previously mistaken for another Aphex Twin pseudonym, was part of the infamous Rephlex Records roster, releasing his first EP back in 2009. Since then he has released his debut album Welcome (2011), and a number of EPs on WeMe Records and CPU. He has also been revealed as one of the collaborators of the secret electronic outfit – Photodementia. Dave is currently prepping his new Monolith album ‘Touch me’. Since his first release back in 2009 Dave has played gigs around the UK and Europe alongside some of the biggest artists in the electronic music scene such as Aphex Twin, Dopplereffekt and and Luke Vibert.

- Radioactive Man (Wangtrax / Rheinhardt / Control Tower)


Keith Tenniswood, better known as Radioactive Man and to most perhaps, as one half of Two Lone Swordsmen with Andrew Weatherall, has a sound with a big heart, underpinned by electro-driven funk. Over the years, he’s put many accolades to his name – credited with co-producing with David Holmes the award winning ‘Lets Get Killed’, engineering the live sound for Sabres of Paradise on the Primal Scream UK tour in 96, being among the first to contribute to Fabric’s mooted mix series, and for Tenniswood it’s still his Swordsmen era album ‘Tiny Reminders’ that is to this day one of his proudest moments.

Live, he’s performed as Radioactive Man around the world – a career highlight being at Sonar in front of 8000 international music fans before Jeff Mills and Mad Mike doing their X101 project. Keith has always used a full hardware set-up for his live set, which has now been revised with a new kit and a whole new set.

Giving us goosebumps already!

- P-Hocto (Don't / Technotic)


Dublin born DJ and producer Peadar Ó Brádaigh, AKA P-Hocto, had been circling the Irish electronic scene for a number of years but is now to be found across the pond in London city. A vinyl fanatic, Peadar separates himself from the masses by playing a killer selection of new and old tracks across the various styles of techno, electro and bass heavy music. Dark and deep, weird and wonky, glitched out and sublime or simply pounding; one thing is for sure, you won’t find any filler here.

A regular DJ at Jerome Hill's infamous "Don't' nights, Peadar has supported some big names in the underground Techno and Bass circuits, both at home and abroad. Artists like: Neil Landstrumm, Paul Birken, Ancient Methods, Lakker, King Cannibal, Sunil Sharpe, Luke's Anger, Dave the Drummer, Kanji Kinetic, PET Duo, Eomac, Fran Hartnett, Rory St. John, Systemic, Michaelangelo and Swarm Intelligence to name but a few. Having recently completed a degree in Sonic Arts at Brunel University, he is now refocusing himself on his own productions once again.


- Rommek (Weekend Circuit / ARTS / Loose Lips)
- Medallion Man (Hoxton FM / Loose Lips)
- DanBe (Vivify / Loose Lips)

Photography by Gellert Kruppa.