Loose Lips

Loose Lips (UK) at Studio L14 / Techno, Breaks & Jungle night
May, 11th 11:50pm - 12th 5:00am

Loose Lips (UK) at Studio L14 / Techno, Breaks & Jungle night

The group of folks known as Loose Lips over in the UK have been throwing parties, playing on the radio, starting up their own online radio station, and doing the usual mix-series and other internet and real life related Techno things.

Medallion Man

Medallion Man is co-founder, resident, and the driving force behind Loose Lips. Since its launch in October 2014, he has directed its growth into a well-respected and ever-ambitious diverse musical platform, curating all events, label releases, charity work, mix series, radio shows and directing the blog's activities. 


A lesser - or more pretentious -  DJ would have stuck to their own 4x4 guns, particularly if they had spent as many hours as Kortzer has gathering rough’n’ready techno in record stores such as Manchester’s Eastern Bloc, or perfecting its sound with a furrowed brow. Not this bloke; ever since the DJ (real name Dave Clarke) was gifted a set of disused decks and a mixer by a friend of a friend, he has been a team player, warming up mates’ houses before before graduating to play his first residency aged 18, developing a style that slides away from his beloved techno into EBM, Jungle, Hardcore and more whenever the mood calls for it. 

These guys are over in North America, specifically Hamilton and I've got them at L14 for a night of it.

Joining them are L14 residents Kevin Kartwell and Trevor Wilkes  to round the night off.

Techno, Breaks, and old Rave tunes

$15 at the door, No alcohol sold or permitted, lighting and lasers in use. This is a small, private studio space that just happens to have a lot of sound in it. Be good or you're out. That said, bring your dancing shoes and shine some damn floor.

Leading up to the full event which starts at midnight there will be a radio broadcast from Studio L14. This broadcast will be a live pop-up mini event airing on Threads Radio (https://threadsradio.com/) the online station Medallion Man has founded. The radio broadcast will be featuring talk, live performances and interviews with and of the following:

CNTRL MACHINE is the live Techno duo project of DJ/Producer Mike Graham and Producer Phil Minotti (A.K.A. THE RABBIT HOLE EXPRESS). Mike and Phil combine decades of hardware and soft synthesis/sampling to create dynamic Techno releases and performances covering Tech House, Minimal, Acid, and Hard Techno. Their fiery live performances are one of a kind improv sets with an emphasis on dirty analog sound and deep beats. These boys have numerous label releases and were featured on Spliced Vinyl Recordings “Warehouse Techno” holding  #1 on the Hard Techno Charts for nearly 2 weeks in 2018.

Christina Sealey being interviewed as half of Techno duo Orphx

...and Kevin Kartwell and Trevor Wilkes talking / playing some music as well.

Radio Broadcast will be 7pm - 10pm.