Loose Lips

Loose Lips' Thai Rave - in Bristol - w/Lakker
April, 14th 10:00pm - 15th 3:00am

Loose Lips' Thai Rave - in Bristol - w/Lakker

After our last sell-out event, we're stepping it up and hosting a special Thai New Year celebration in Bristol's amazing prison cells. The Songkran festival is the traditional Thai New Year's Day and is celebrated from 13 April to 15 April. Its significance is based on the entry of the sun into the sign of Aries the Ram. In fact, April Fool's Day probably originated as mocking those who didn't accept the switch of New Year from April to January in France in the Sixteenth Century.

We'll be hosting one UK Debut and one Bristol Debut alongside one of the staples of Bristol's music scene....

Sound provided by Jenga Soundsystem - 16kw Custom and Turbosound Rig.


- Lakker (R&S/Blueprint/Stroboscopic Artefacts) - BRISTOL DEBUT

Since the early 2000s, the Irish duo of Dara (aka Arad) and Ian (aka Eomac) have been painting intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight as Lakker. With releases on R&S, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Blueprint, and Killekill and support from the likes of Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier, Lucy, Blawan and Surgeon, they are firmly rooted in the techno world however their ‘Tundra’ & 'Struggle & Emerge' releases on R&S have showcased their expansiveness and dexterity as producers, pushing electronic music forward without any genre tag.

- Chris Farrell (Idle Hands/Brstl)

Most people probably associate Chris Farrell with Idle Hands, the label he started in 2009 while working at Bristol record store Rooted with buddies Peverelist and Kowton. It probably didn’t come as much of a surprise when Chris also opened Idle Hands the record shop in 2011 after Rooted closed. Farrell has been an integral part of the Bristol scene for many years. Together with his friends he has helped shape the sound of the city - such as through the label Brstl that he runs with Shanti Celeste since 2011. As far as DJ’ing goes, to say Chris is diverse behind the decks is an understatement; only a strong confident DJ dares to move between house, disco and soul finding a bridge to fragrant dance tracks of the 80’s, going further into UK punk rock and then heading into techno. Ingredients like one and a half decades of vinyl handling and coming from a musical home clearly shine through. Adding further to his credibility, Chris is also a well-experienced selector in the reggae and dub field.

- Vertical Sofa (BTKRSH) - LIVE - UK DEBUT

Vertical Sofa is the dance music equivalent of a badly-curated wiki page on political theory, psychoacoustic occultism in eastern-orthodox traditions, soundcard drivers troubleshooting and properly using the darkweb to score a bunch of exciting new psychedelics.

Live shows highlight both the high and lows of improvisational tinkering, irreverent genre-bending and the annoyingly frequent yet nevertheless exciting glitches of software, hardware and humanware.

They are an amazing Macedonian duo who have performed in support of the likes of Vatican Shadow, SHXCXCHCXSH, Monolake, Shackleton and Ozric Tentacles. It's been a pleasure to have stayed with them in the Balkans and boy are we looking forward to them coming to England for the first time.