Loose Lips

Loose Lips Summer Party with Trikk, Ivvvo, Photonz, Ashley Casselle, Ben Pest, Rommek
July, 10th 10:00pm - 11th 6:00am

Loose Lips Summer Party with Trikk, Ivvvo, Photonz, Ashley Casselle, Ben Pest, Rommek

For our next party, we have an amazing two-room line-up bang in the middle of summer! With a big portugese contingent alongside the likes of Londoners Ashley Casselle and Ben Pest, we can't wait for eight hours of wonderful variety.


One of our very favourite venues, Corsica Studios, will host the party.

22:00 - 06:00

£12 OTD

Photography from Finnegan Travers and filming from Giumis Carrino.

Line-up (room 1):

TRIKK (ManMakeMusic)


One of Oporto's finest exports. Porto is gathering a reputation as a great incubator of underground movements and as an inspirational city for musicians of the most obscure subgenres. Trikk was praised as a young talent and embraced by so many as the new star to look out for from this creative hub. With engaging releases on labels such as Pets Recordings and ManMakeMusic, and a remix for Hotflush, his talent has been widely appreciated. As a personal challenge, he moved to London where he now spends his days producing music. Trikk explores mainly house aesthetics in a wise manner that is often undefinable - neither fast nor slow, rough nor smooth. Young, courageous and unique: a true member of today's underground.

BEN PEST (Bonus Round/Balkan Vinyl) - LIVE


Highly talented musician Ben Pest is perhaps best known as a member of brilliant electronic funk band PEST (Ninja Tune), but in recent years has blessed us with his unique take on techno, acid, house and breaks. Ignoring current fads or trends, he has a distinctive and original sound. His punchy drums, twisted acid, chopped vocals and huge bass whip dancefloors into a frenzy. Ben is also one half of improvised, jacking noise live act The Black E with the legendary Cristian Vogel.

We are lucky enough to have him offer us a live hardware show - Berghain, Boomtown, Bangface, Glade, Bloc, Plex and Uglyfunk have all experienced this live madness. He tell us to expect a Korg ESX1, Yamaha DX200, Elektron Monomachine, Nord 1 Rack, Nintendo DS, TR909, TR808, TB 303 and MFB-522!! His releases on Victim, Bonus Round and his own label Panic Bridge also come highly recommended. He has a forthcoming EP on Horror Boogie Records so watch this space.

ASHLEY CASSELLE (Murge Recordings/Dayrise Enterprise)


Ashley, who we met at Hoxton FM, is a man of vast experience who has gained a reputation for taking people to the outer limits of his record collection while keeping it all accessible and entertaining.

Since being singled out by Mixmag in 2001 as a 'future deck hero' Casselle's name has become synonymous with quality electronic records. Releases on Deviant, Junior Boys Own, MFS and Global Underground brought rave reviews and a loyal fanbase. Finding himself the favoured opening act for many of the world's biggest djs (Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Paul van Dyk and Junior Vasquez all hailed his warm up skills), Ashley developed a djing technique which he describes as 'build-twist-lift', serving him well to this day. Perhaps this goes some way to explain the hypnotic effect he has on a dancefloor with his unique take on the music; a rich seamless brew of dubby house, percussive techno and hyper funk.

His productions are varied with tracks like 'Digital Reason' with its skippy 2-step beats forged to hazy synths and hip hop samples compared to the bouncy depths of 'Ceefox' with its grainy string arrangements and atmospherics. With names such as Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall and Francois K recently playing out his music, he isn't short of support! His current project is 'Dayrise Enterprise' through which he throws brilliant parties and releases a series of podcasts and tracks created to bridge the gap between his club and afterhours experiences. Here is one of his mixes from it - https://www.mixcloud.com/ashleycasselle/ashley-casselle-dayrise-enterprise-002/.

With a Radio1 Essential Mix under his belt, and a catalogue of up and coming releases, he's keeping busy! It's a pleasure to have him play for us at Loose Lips - bring on the 10th July!



Violet is a portuguese producer and DJ living in London. Since debuting via Wicked Bass Records and later One Eyed Jacks, Violet's music managed to grab the attention of key figures of the scene. Artists such as Matias Aguayo, Snuff Crew, Teengirl Fantasy and Phillip Sherburne play her tracks regularly in some of the finest clubs worldwide.

She recently joined the Snuff Trax roster, with her track "Night Song", available on a 12" vinyl that also includes tracks from artists like Basic Soul Unit and Andreas Ghem. Last summer she started D55, a record label setup with her partner Photonz, dropping a split 12" featuring one track by each of the label's founders. Violet was also invited by Matias Aguayo to participate in the cover versions project, resulting in her own colourful and jacking version of Aguayo's "Una Fiesta Diferente", released on Cómeme. Her latest work "River Styx EP" is out now one the label One Eyed Jacks with a remix by Lisbon's techno up and coming producer Shcuro.

EAMONN O'MALLEY (Searching for Sound)


Up and coming London DJ. After his impressive guest mix for Medallion Man's old LWR Radio show, he's been a name we've been eager to get on the roster. Having first been a jazz musician, he changed to committing his time to electronic music in the last 2-3 years. He plays a large part in 'Searching For Sound', a properly focused new record label and club night. His eclectic mix of house, techno and soul makes him perfect for Loose Lips.

MEDALLION MAN (Loose Lips/Hoxton FM)


Loose Lips co-founder and resident. Playing a wide variety of electronic/experimental music, Medallion Man (aka Freddie Sugden) first started DJing on radio. Having hosted shows on various stations throughout the last few years, he regularly provides listeners with two hours of the finest selection of tunes. His current project is with Hoxton FM, having just landed a show based on Loose Lips. Check it out - every Wednesday 5-7pm for regular Loose Lips guests, interview and general madness. He has held residencies with Seminor Lab and Pulse Productions, plays regular gigs at London's top venues such as Egg and Ministry of Sound, whilst also being a regular presence at South West events. Recent sets at Corsica studios and Stuck In Trafik have especially stood out. Running Loose Lips now provides another avenue for him to express his musical interests.

Line-up (room 2):

IVVVO (Danse Noire/Creme Org)


Portuguese heavyweight and co-founder of the collective Terrain Ahead, which cradled a new generation of electronic musicians from Porto. His recent releases on Danse Noire and Creme Organization have really caught people's eye, cementing his innovative reputation. A collaboration with Lake Haze and a remix from Legowelt wets the appetite just slightly! A common feature of our favourite releases is his perfect combination of mis-shapen, dark soundscapes with the most mystical and enchanting melodies. Anyone who witnessed him turn a Lisbon Boiler Room from a few people milling about into full blown, sweat dripping ecstasy will appreciate the variety of his sounds, and that was further demonstrated with his appearance on our Hoxton FM show - https://soundcloud.com/loose-lips123/hoxton-fm-080415-wivvvo. Undeniably one of the most exciting producers around at present.



Photonz is the artist name of Marco Rodrigues, a London-based DJ and producer who has been championing the new sound of Portuguese house and techno worldwide since the early 2000s. He founded the label One Eyed Jacks in 2010; has been hosting the Principio da Incerteza radio show in Lisbon's Oxigenio radio for the past six years - and is a resident host for the Unknown To The Unknown 2015 shows on one of London's favourite radio stations; NTS.

The sound he delivers on his DJ sets and productions blends the bold, romantic side of rave's original spirit with a new sound carved from cutting edge dance music and psychedelia. The result is a unique signature that has gained support from key figures of the electronic music scene like Ivan Smagghe, Trevor Jackson and Ewan Pearson. Since his debut in 2006 with "Ronin", Photonz has released on iconic labels like Andy Blake's Dissident, Pilookski's Dirty, R-Zone (the enigmatic sublabel of Crème Organization), and DJ Haus' Unknown To The Unknown. The latter put out some his best work, with the EP "Hurt Me Hurt Me" getting a 10/10 review in DJ Mag and the track "1551" being played in Jackmaster's BBC Essential Mix. This reputation was grounded most recently with his Boiler Room appearance supporting Matthew Herbert which simply blew us away.

As a remixer he's worked with music by artists like Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, Alison Moyet, Daniel Avery, Zebra Katz, Alice Russell, Shadow Dancer and many more - and as a DJ he combines his experience as a resident at a variety of Lisbon venues with frequent performances in cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Lyon, Antwerp ot Barcelona and festivals like Sònar, Lovebox or Sudoeste. Check out "Osiris Resurrected" 12" on Unknown To The Unknown, with a Palms Trax remix and his most release on Creme Organization for a flavour of how special this man is!

SILVESTRE (Loose Lips/Diskotopia)


With Silvestre now residing in London, it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know him at Loose Lips. As soon as we did, we knew he was perfect for us and so it was with ease that we recently announced him as our newest resident! With his debut 4-track Ep recently released on the Japanese Label Diskotopia, he is a talent to keep your eye on. His techno is full of the most dissonant and anxious soundscapes, whilst keeping the sense of soul intact. Make sure to check out his recent OEJ remix and his recent Creme Organization release.
Check out his mix in our series here: https://soundcloud.com/loose-lips123/006-silvestre?in=loose-lips123/sets/loose-lips-mix-series.



Joe AKA 'Don Found' is the head of the Leeds-based Label ‘MDNGHT Records’. Citing inspirations from his love of Techno and Bass, the label kicked off with Kalli’s breakthrough ‘Hold Still EP’. From this and a successful mix series, Don Found has pushed a unique sound for MDNGHT and continues to press down a footprint on the dance music scene. As a DJ, he regularly appears on the radio station Dusk FM where he mixes from across the spectrum, sending you on a journey through tempo and genres. With the combination of a deep musical knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm, we promise you a shaking dance floor.

KEINO b2b BI.NOMIAL (Dazed & Confuzed)


Two absolute legends - the men behind London's brilliant techno night; Dazed & Confuzed. We're delighted that they're bringing their spirit to Loose Lips.

Keino is a man of many musical influences - having first been a rock drummer, he later discovered electronic music and explored everything that was new and interesting.
Techno's platform for originality and experimentation therefore explains why it is his current love. Fede is ultimately a secret agent though - you will learn everything you need to on the night!

Dorian, aka 'Bi-Nomial' had a similarly jam-packed musical upbringing, having passionately explored Rap, Reggae, Dub and Drum and Bass. However, it was his immersive trip into the cold drone of industrial techno that laid the basis for his love of its intricate layers of sound. Combining with Keino, they are building Dazed & Confuzed, a platform to portray talent without monetary or individual boundaries, exploring what Underground Techno/Electronic music can really offer. The exact sort of people we want involved with Loose Lips!

ROMMEK (Loose Lips/Weekend Circuit)


After headlining Loose Lips 002, it is a pleasure to now have him as a resident.

Despite only being 21 years old, we have been amazed by his productions for almost 6 years now. Especially in the last few years, his sound has matured hugely, making him into one of the most exciting young techno producers in London.

With recent vinyl releases on No Logo & Weekend Circuit and digital releases with Labrynth, Sonntag Morgen and B55, we can safely say that our sentiment is shared by many. Support from Developer, Francois X and Arnaud le Texier to only name a few, is the greatest compliment to the commitment exuded by Rommek over the last few years. Adriana Lopez's remix on his Thought Patterns EP being played twice on DJ Deep's boiler room a few months ago was a strong signal of this backing.

As a DJ, his sets are both unique and engaging. Recent sets at Motion, Corsica and Crucifix Lane wet the appetite for all his future residential appearances at Loose Lips. To top this off, he has recently secured a residency at Dazed & Confuzed, another very reputable underground techno night in London. Check out his guest appearance on our Hoxton FM show here - https://soundcloud.com/loose-lips123/debut-loose-lips-show-on-hoxton-fm-040215-wrommek?in=loose-lips123/sets/hoxton-fm-shows.

See you on the 10th July!