Loose Lips

Loose Lips' London Live Session - In aid of Victim Support
May, 19th 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Loose Lips' London Live Session - In aid of Victim Support

Back  again to New River Studios in Manor House for our third live session -  our new series of events, happening on the penultimate Friday of every  month.

The events are revolved around live performance, ranging  from live electronics to Hip-Hop, singer-songwriters and an array of  wonderful bands.

Each event will be raising donations for a  different charity. For May's event, we focus on Victim Support, an  organisation helping survivors of crime or traumatic events accross the  UK.


1800 - 2300
Free entry, donations encouraged.



 Formed in London in 2009, Awalé is a reflection of London’s  multiculturalism. With members from Tunisia, Cuba, France, Slovakia and  England, influences come in turn from Afrobeat, Balkan music, North  African Amazigh music, Congolese Rhumba, Ethiopian Funk and Latin Jazz,  blended in their unique style. Through their music they take the  audience on a journey across continents celebrating diversity and hope  for mutual understanding of different cultures. The name Awalé, meaning  “love each other”, comes from an ancient African game declined in  hundreds of versions scattered around the world. Like the game, the  music is played in turns and cycles of various length which echo  themselves, sometimes very intricately and sometimes in unison. Heavily  horn based, with the colour and excitement of 70′s funk and with Balkan  inspired odd time signatures and melodies.


 Samana are a nomadic duo who recently returned from a year long trip  living and writing on the road. Having taken residence in a farmhouse in  the Brecon Beacons, Samana have since built an analogue studio and  darkroom where the duo create all of their work.

- SPORTS DAY (Hang Yourself Records)


A lone conduit of existential crisis executing noises and relaying unpredictable messages from the multiverse.