Loose Lips

Loose Lips - LL011 Release Party
February, 2nd 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Loose Lips - LL011 Release Party

Calling the Northern contingent, we are excited to announce that our next Loose Lips knees up, will be a free entry release party in the basement at Cord Bar (in the Northern Quarter) in celebration of our upcoming release LL011 - 'Circula - Thought Reel'.

This release party will run in conjuncion with our party at Soup Kitchen, also on the 2nd of February, where we are joined by Mo Kolours, Payfone & A Broken Camarialla. Event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/167180477091342/

Our good friend Circula from Berlin, kick starts our 5 part cassette series, with his intricate and thought provoking 6 track EP - 'Thought Reel'. We will be gathering with friends old and new at Cord Bar on the 2nd of February to honour the release, and also warm up for the evenings waves at Soup Kitchen. 

Artwork props to Jamie MDG - Muck !

Cord is a venue we have been looking to collaborate with for time now and our LL011 release party seemed like the perfect oppurunity. There will be a range of down tempo selections, expect Jazz, Hip Hop and an appearance from Circula.

You will also have the opportunity to be the first to purchase the limited edition cassette (stickers included)!

Line Up:

- Circula (Loose Lips)

Circula is a producer from Totnes, currently residing in Berlin. Driven by the influence of jazz and funk coming from far and wide, he makes a variety of music where only one comparison can be drawn - big beats and meaningful bass lines. 

- SWMS w/ Medallion Man (Loose Lips)

The northern contingent of SWMS will be in attendance to lay down some 16s, expect vibey Hip Hop with live mcs and the selections of Loose Lips head honcho; Medallion Man.

- Josh Rea (Sundae Scoops)

Manchester based Josh Rea will be warming things up on the evening with a classy selection of the finest Jazz cuts. Josh is the host of 'Sundae Scoops' on Limbo Radio.