Loose Lips

Loose Lips' Ldn Live Session #8 - in aid of Love Support Unite
November, 17th 6:30pm - 11:30pm

Loose Lips' Ldn Live Session #8 - in aid of Love Support Unite

If you haven't been to a Loose Lips Live Session before, the events are revolved around any and all types of live musical performance that are in our radar currently...

We'll be hosting this evening session at the Old dentist, in Clapton. This will be different to any other dentist experience you've ever had. http://www.theolddentist.com

Each event raises donations for a different charity. For December's edition, we're raising awareness for Love Support Unite - https://lovesupportunite.org

18:30 - 23:30

Entry is £4-8 Slidng scale on the door

Thanks to Mia Lily Johnson on the cover design - mialilyjohnson.com.




Operating in the limbo between acoustic and synthetic music, humanising electronic sources while mutating sounds taken from real instruments and environments. Research and experimentation focuses on the possibilities given by self-built string instruments and their sonic physicality in both studio practice and improvisation/live performance.

- Fred Brooks presents 'Reel Talk' 


Fred brooks will be presenting the debut of 'Reel Talk', A set based around live sampling of lost and found tapes.

- Human Pet


- Monaco (ClapTrap)


- Bioni Samp ft.Holden


- Fred Brooks

Coming from Berlin...

Bioni Samp, artist, musician, inventor, beekeeper. His music experiments with with stereo / binaural sounds, producing recordings and performing live with extreme stereo processing, using mainly home made equipment.