Loose Lips

Loose Lips in Torquay - M.C. Escher Birthday Rave
June, 17th 10:00pm - 18th 4:00am

Loose Lips in Torquay - M.C. Escher Birthday Rave

Loose Lips heads back for our first proper Devonian event in a while! Keeping to our rave's new-found cultural themes...

June 17th heralds the birth of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher, whose work, still to this day, helps explaining complex mathematical concepts to students all over the world. He’s best known for his impossible objects, explorations of infinity and amazing tessellations, to name only a few elements of his creative legacy.

We'll celebrate and rave it out in both rooms of The Attic in Torquay!

£5 OTD

22:00 - 04:00

Room 1:

- DJ Chalky b2b Winkle (Midlight/Porridge Bullet)
- Chris Kelly b2b Mattik (Viscera)
- T-Scale (Loose Lips/Reposition)
- DanBe (Loose Lips/Vivify)

Room 2:

- SWMS (Loose Lips)
- Brain Rays (Bizarre Rituals)
- Tofuti Klein (Bizarre Rituals)
- Stoogie Houzer (Bizarre Rituals)