Loose Lips

Loose Lips Easter Session - with Florian Kupfer, Manni Dee, 65D Mavericks, Scald & Chloe Frieda
April, 8th 10:00pm - 9th 6:00am

Loose Lips Easter Session - with Florian Kupfer, Manni Dee, 65D Mavericks, Scald & Chloe Frieda

We'll be at Electrowerkz for the first time with a diverse line-up, celebrating everything good about Techno & experimental music.


22:00 - 06:00

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Photography by Jake Black - https://jakeblack3.tumblr.com/


- Florian Kupfer (LIES)

Late nights, restless thoughts, bursting emotions—Florian Kupfer's music evokes something familiar yet elusive, personal yet universal, a hearbeat heard through endless spools of gently hissing tape.

Born in Wiesbaden, introduced to '90s techno by his mother, educated in production via hip-hop and nudged by his great-grandparents to pursue his creative impulse, he spent
years bouncing around Germany before he met L.I.E.S. boss Ron Morelli DJing at the Robert Johnson in Offenbach, and a new relationship with music crystalized: "I was just standing in the room like, 'What ??’” All previously gained perceptions of musical aesthetics have altered in that very moment.

Lifetrax, Kupfer's first release was an instant classic upon its release in 2013, and its success brought him to Berlin, kicked off a flurry of deeply felt DJ gigs and led to follow-
up releases for L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions and Willie Burns' W.T. Records. With Burns, Kupfer has forged a musical collaboration, which so far has resulted in the release of an EP for Rush Hour offshoot No 'Label'. Kupfer's music remains a highly personal undertaking, his tracks still wrought from one-take hardware jams in his bedroom.

- Manni Dee (Perc Trax / Candella Rising / Earwiggle)

Fiercely inventive, intrinsically diverse, and with one ear firmly on the future, Manni Dee’s known for turning out percussion-led music packing both dance floor heft and headphone nuance.

The producer has released on heavyweight labels like Black Sun Records & Perc Trax, rocked shows throughout Britain & beyond, including a prime-time set at the prestigious Mecca of techno Berghain. The list of fans Manni Dee has attained is endless, with notable support coming from Blawan, Luke Slater, Surgeon and Pangea, who featured the outstanding Romantic Self on his Fabriclive 73 Mix.

Manni Dee’s compositions cleverly anchor stark, machine-like percussion in unprocessed field recordings and abstract noise sources, toying with the conventional boundaries between sound and music. The mixture of impromptu organic recordings and pin-sharp manmade elements simultaneously humanises and adds an air of detachment to the work; a testament to Manni’s command of texture and flair for sound design.

- Nick Dunton (65D Mavericks / Surface)

- Scald (Section 27)

Beautiful, dark, restless visuals and soundscapes upon a massive slab of sub bass, Scald is the collaboration between classically trained violinist Aimée Mullen and Stormfield, audio-visual meddler from Combat Recordings.

Meeting via a shared background of raves, dark rooms and fucked up sounds, their project pushes the extremes of harmonic noise but with a solid dancefloor discipline, combining string abuse, improvisation and distortion with gigantic subs and abstract technoid beat structures. Informed equally by Autechre, Basinski and Scorn, "Lacerations" was released on the Section 27 label, with remix work and a full album in the pipeline.

- Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams/NTS)

Chloe Frieda is a London based dj behind the Alien Jams label, which started as a show on NTS Radio in 2011. With radio shows that often revolve around experimental electronics, you might expect to hear a range of industrial, synth, noise and techno offerings.

- Loose Lips Residents (Rommek / Silvestre / Medallion Man / DanBe / T-Scale)