Loose Lips

Loose Lips Day Party - Hip Hop, Live Acts & DJs - with Onoe Caponoe
September, 19th 12:00pm - 9th 12:00am

Loose Lips Day Party - Hip Hop, Live Acts & DJs - with Onoe Caponoe


It's a pleasure to announce our first ever day party with an eclectic line-up - an array of super-talented vocalists, bands, DJs and rappers. The party will be in the wonderful railway arch at London Fields Brewery!

As well as 12 hours of wonderful music, there will be some very special food provided by our favourite operators - One Love Kitchen. Providing Authentic Caribbean Street Food, offering real ‘Food From The Heart’.

We will also be exhibiting the artwork from our quickly-growing illustration series and offering a live illustration stall, where you can get yourself drawn in super quick time!

There are a few £4 early-bird tickets so grab them whilst you can!

12:00 - 00:00

Pre-sale £4 / £8
OTD £10



Onoe Caponoe


From the grey murky depths of a London floor Onoe Caponoe deconnects his brain from the physical to reach another planet through music. Funk Maf 169 HOLYDELIX . Onoe Caponoe is a sperm from the funkadelic psychedelic funk mafi reproductive organ…Funk Mafi aka Drunk Smashy etc is a funkadelic group of astral plane surfidelix who are for nothing but nothing.



Sniff can usually be found fully blunted in the BoatHouse. Sorting out all the import/export business and making final sonic adjustments to terrible nautical drones. Shit gets broken when Sniff makes breaks. Taking a sawn-off ... to a rotten old cabin door for the kicks and poppin’ shots at sheets of corrugated iron with a old Winchester 73′ for the snare.

A prolific force in the scene, Sniff, alongside Trellion, has had more than seven releases in three years, as well as the solo venture, ‘Brain Wave Canvas’ with producer/DJ Morriarchi.

Stinkin' Slumrok


All the info you need is above...a photo!



SWMS (Patrice - Good Writtens - Gormless - Obskure - Cool Hand Luke - Crook - Binnerz - Ruez)


What do you find in Totnes? Well, crystals, hippies and also one of Devon’s dopest hip hop outfits. Going by the name of ‘South West Mind State.’ This collective of like minded individuals have been making some serious moves over the last year or so and will have an EP dropping on OneLion records in the near future. If you don’t know now, you soon will!


No Cars (Japan/Hackney)


A musical cocktail served to you in a pop glass accidentally by Jap girls & a racoon…on a rollercoaster!

No Cars are a Japanese pop band formed and based in Hackney, London UK. The band consists of four Japanese girls (allegedly 17 years old, including a racoon), performing original songs mainly written by the guitarist/vocalist, Haruna Komatsu, since 2007. The themes of the songs include: TfL (Northern Line, 308), Filter Coffee, Sellotape, and Where is David Bowie?. Their gigs involve theatrical elements. Having used to be a real sweetie band when they first started, they now have an actress, a masseuse and even a racoon – just like a circus. They are out of control.

‘No car (nouka)’ means ‘farmers’ in Japanese. No Cars is attemping to be the first pop idol band who farms during the day and plays music in the evening. This will come true next year.

CW Jones


CW Jones crawled out of the grave he dug for himself, made a pact with the devil and redefined the blues. Drinking liquour from puddles in the cobbled alleyways of Luton, he made a guitar out of a baked bean can and and an old shoelace and the rest is history.
SEE DUB brings his selection of GUTTER SOUL whether its the rawest blues on broken guitars or jazz dittys over big dusty hip hop instrumentals.

Sports Day


London based indie four-piece. A cocktail of sweet melodies, loud noise, artificial preservatives and E-numbers. Bring Mouthwash.

Sam Velmans


Bristol-based singer-songwriter. With a wonderfully unique voice and a powerful passion exuded through all his tracks, it's a pleasure to host his London debut.



Men leave bedroom. Spoken word ambience.


Interrupt (Cubiculo Records)


Interrupt is a contemporary UK reggae/dub producer with his own unique take on the digital rubadub style of the late 1980s. He has collaborated with artists such as George Palmer and Ponchita Pelegros from Spain, as well as well known UK reggae artists such as Parly B and Speng Bond.
Joined by fellow DJ, reggae enthusiast and partner in dub Wheats Beats, this duo will be showcasing a selection of the finest reggae/dub from the 70s to the present day.



BSIDE Radio are pals Jake, Joe n Ali. Three record collectors with a taste for unpolished grooves. Catch them bringing the sunshine vibes bi-monthly on Hoxton FM. Tuesdays 7-9pm



Kwilsk, 1 third of soundslikeabird, is currently based in Bristol. He got into production at the age of 16 when he acquired an MPC. He has been collecting records for years and released his 1st album, 'Fuzzy', in 2014 which is available in digital format or cassette tape (quwilsk.bandcamp.com/releases). Make sure to check it out! We can't for him to grace London Brewery with everything funky!

Loose Lips residents:

Medallion Man

See you all on the 12th!