Loose Lips

Loose Lips Block Party At Boomtown Fair 2019
August, 8th 3:00pm - 11th 10:45pm

Loose Lips Block Party At Boomtown Fair 2019

Round three here we go! 

Massive thanks to those who have partied with us over the past two years at Boomtown. The Block Party returns once more this summer, bringing you an eclectic range of all things bass orientated. 

During the 70s, communities from The Bronx led by the likes of DJ Kool Herc were focused on bringing the new sound of Hip Hop to the streets of New York. DJs cut records to soundtrack the b-boys' sound-systems that were illegally rigged up to the streetlights...and the future of Hip Hop was born.

Roll through to the Loose Lips Block Party to celebrate the sound culture and community of downtown Boomtown. If it's anything like previous years, you're in for a treat.


Line up: 

- Aries (Chopstick Jungle/ Born On Road)

- Ash Tres (The Cause/Goodfoot/Threads Radio) 

- Audio Gutter (Lawless Halls of Justice) 

- Ben Pest (OverWorx)

- Charla Green (UK Jungle)

- Charlie Boy Manson w/ Luke Leadbelly (Loose Lips)

- Easy-J (Bass Militia Takeover) 

- Ekula (Six Sunsets/Sub FM/Threads Radio)

- Footsoldier (Kodiak/The Kulture Project) 

- Juggins (Loose Lips)

- Job Centre Takeover

- Kortzer (Loose Lips/Limbo Radio/Threads Radio)

- Korzi (Limbo Radio) 

- Li (Loveroom) 

- Malissa (Sisu)

- Mandidextrous (Speedbass Set)

- Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Reposition/Threads Radio)

- Miss Monument (Broken)

- Musicology takeover (DJ BT3K, E.D.D.Y, Squentin Tarantino)

- Style 'N Fashion DJs (Lukas Sugar Sound, Two Eyes, Dan Wiseman)

- Neutral Territory (Loose Lips) 

- Paxman (Loose Lips/Noods Radio/Threads Radio)

- P-Hocto (DON’T)

- Rommek (Blueprint/Loose Lips)

- Roy Bar (Psychotherapy Sessions/CNCPT Collective/We Want)

- Samurai Breaks (Putting In Werk/Tsunami Bass Weight)

- Sepia (Chonk Mob/XOX)

- Sterling Moss (Apex Recordings/Rebeltek)

- Supplya b2b Ickle b2b Drift w/ Indra and Stil Bizzy (Hold Tight Records)

- T-Scale (Faster Than Music/Loose Lips/Threads Radio)


Set times announced in the coming weeks...