Loose Lips

Loose Lips all-dayer - in aid of Arts Emergency
September, 8th 12:00pm - 9th 2:00am

Loose Lips all-dayer - in aid of Arts Emergency

To wave goodbye to summer, we're raising funds and spreading the awareness of Arts Emergency, an amazing North London-based charity who work with 16-to-19-year-olds in further education from diverse backgrounds, to enable access to higher education in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Highly recommend checking out their amazing work! 



Art Emergency's efforts still really need their word spreading...and so come down to the wonderful waterside venue, Grow, Hackney, on Sat 8th Sep for an eclectic 14 hours of live music and DJs. Expect everything from UK Hip Hop to modular glitches, breakbeats, live poetry, and deluded disco.


12:00 - 22:00: FREE ENTRY

22:00 - 02:00 : £5 ENTRY

Donations taken in aid of Arts Emergency, with 10% of the bar-take also being donated.



- Charlie Boy Mansion (Loose Lips)

London debut from this new cult leader. The project is released Halloween but you'll be getting an exclusive sneak preview...

- Cindys Pearl (Loose Lips)


The man behind our last Loose Lips label release. Expect post-punk and football anthems.

- Classical Mechanics


True electronics.

- DanBe (Loose Lips)


A proper jannar.

- Eerf Evil


London boom-bap.

- Electric Nougat (199Radio/Grow Hackney Wick)


Eclectic oddities.

- Gap (International Winners)


Over from Brooklyn, Dilian's unique synthesis of today's club and dance scenes has made him a Loose Lips favourite.

- J City (199Radio/Loose Lips)


Fresh from smashing a set to a heaving crowd at Boomtown, J City is BACK! Always with a cheeky one in the pocket...

- Kortzer (Loose Lips)


Limbo Radio resident and one of our finest Mancunian wrinsers.

- Lily Lyons

An incredibly talented vocalist. I wouldn't miss this if I were you, lots to come from this young lady.

- LKF (199Radio/Things Disappear)


Garage, grime or grunge?

- Medallion Man (199Radio/Loose Lips)


Loose Lips & 199Radio founder. Utter weirdo.

- Tangent (199Radio/The Off Licence Show)

- Tobi Sunmola


One of Manchester's most exciting rappers right now.

- The Compound (Kemasty, Wundrop & Vitamin G)


Bloody Brighton Hip hop yeah!

- The Mantis Opera


Avant Garde Rock if you will.

- The Repeat Beat Poet (199Radio)


Amazing wordsmith.

- Verbal Records (Fabien Darcy, Gabriel Waves, Press1, Sylla B & Yung Toro)


Bristol-based rap culture collective & label.