Loose Lips

Loose Lips 5th Bday tour / Poznan, Poland
October, 26th 11:00pm - 27th 7:00am

Loose Lips 5th Bday tour / Poznan, Poland

5 years since Loose Lips was born from a hyper discussion in a sweaty living room after coming back from a long night at Fabric!

To celebrate half a decade of looseness, we're throwing a load of whopper parties across Europe, bringing together residents, label crew, and various members of the LL extended family, all of who have contributed to our projects. And we’re delighted to be throwing our first ever Loose Lips in Poznan (and in Poland!) as part of this…

One of the most special experiences we’ve had at our events is when Florian graced Electrowekrz in London, and so it made perfect sense to bring the L.I.E.S. man himself on tour with us.



- Florian Kupfer (L.I.E.S./WT Records) - GER


- Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Threads Radio) - UK


- Paxman (Loose Lips/Noods) - UK


- P!L Soundsystem (Loco Motive & MRTN.)



START 23 00

TAX 20*/30

*20 lista FB "wezę udział" do 23 59