Loose Lips

Loose Lips' 5th Anniv in Prague with Jerome Hill
November, 9th 11:00pm - 10th 7:00am

Loose Lips' 5th Anniv in Prague with Jerome Hill

5 years since Loose Lips was born from a hyper discussion in a sweaty living room after coming back from a long night at Fabric in London!

To celebrate half a decade of looseness, we're throwing a load of whopper parties across Europe, bringing together residents, label crew, and various members of the LL extended family who have contributed to any of our projects.

In Prague - the home of many friends - we have something really special for you!

We’re delighted to bringing a good friend, the man behind our 150th mix series edition, and a DJ that has inspired and influenced us hugely…to Cross Club in Prague…JEROME HILL! He’ll be joined by LL residents, Dog Eyes & Medallion Man, as well as local legend, Beef Records & Komiks founder, DJ Schwa.


7 euro all night long

23:00 onwards