Loose Lips

Loose Lips 5th Anniv. in Bristol w/ Galaxian + Special Guest TBA
October, 12th 10:00pm - 13th 6:00am

Loose Lips 5th Anniv. in Bristol w/ Galaxian + Special Guest TBA

5 years since Loose Lips was born from a hyper discussion in a sweaty living room after coming back from a long night at Fabric!

To celebrate half a decade of looseness, we're throwing a load of whopper parties across Europe, bringing together residents, label crew, and various members of the LL extended family, all of who have contributed to our projects.

In Bristol - the home of some of our most cherised crew, the place where many of us partied for the first time in our teens, and the home of many Loose Lips rave ups over the last 5 years - we have something really special for you...

Since playing for us in London for the first time nearly 3 years ago, Galaxian has grown from being a musical inspiration to a friend, to being even more of an inspiration. His music is incredible, mind-bending and forever unique - combining genre-bending psychedelic flavoured electro, cinematic ambient soundtracks and hallucinatory electronics. We're delighed to be bringing him to Bristol for the first time, alongside a very special guest TBA soon, and a host of stellar local DJs and residents - more info below.



Pre-sale: £8 / £10 / £12




- Galaxian (Natural Sciences/Shipwrec) (LIVE) - BRIS DEBUT


Lightspeed techno & electro with an unorthodox, idiosyncratic methodology.


- El James ([Re]sources)


Bristol party-thrower and also part of our Manchester crew.

- Yushh (Eminent)


Eminent crew member, Pressure Dome releasee, and regular Noods & 1020 radio host.

- Physik (Loose Lips)


- Verrell (Loose Lips/Watch The Hype)


Long standing resident for Bristol's beloved 1020 Radio, member of the Watch the Hype collective and newly-inducted member of the Loose Lips family.


- more Loose Lips residents - more details TBA