Loose Lips

Loose Lips 1st Birthday - Subjected (UK Debut), Ritzi Lee + 909, Dyad, Chris Page & More
October, 23rd 10:00pm - 24th 6:00am

Loose Lips 1st Birthday - Subjected (UK Debut), Ritzi Lee + 909, Dyad, Chris Page & More


Loose Lips has nearly been alive for one year and so it's time to celebrate with some of the finest Techno there is....

Join us in Vauxhall for what is sure to be one special party.

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Tickets £5 (sold out) // £10 // £12 OTD


- SUBJECTED (Vault Series/Electric Deluxe) - UK DEBUT



A young boy, faceless in the pallid light, entirely gripped by these machines, source of this brutal black noise. Dark, thundering bass drums, distorted soundscapes and grooves start to emerge. He lives for the machines. The machines live for him. This is Subjected, an amalgam of darkness, distortion and aggression!

Anomity as a function, mystical without usual clichés. No hiding behind masks, no digging in the past, no techno purism, no strive for fame - SUBJECTED stands for distinctly deep, identifiable techno. Designed in the shadows, to be consumed in the darkness. A label. Music, and nothing more!

Born in Hoyerswerda in 1983 and brought up in the tristesse of Berlin-Hellersdorf, he was strongly socialized by the lower class suburb with its grey, oppressive tower blocks. The first musical attempts he made were in Hip Hop and rap, but it wasn't long until he started to be aware of all the progress happening in Berlin in the mid 90's, and got infected by the early club nights in legendary E-werk and Tresor as well as mixtapes from local radio stations. All of this shaped him towards his own musical reinvention. Techno as a possibility of identification, allowed him to find himself. It's the monotony, the uniqueness of the synthetic sound, that enabled Subjected to express himself – starting as a DJ, since 2006 also acting as a producer. This resulted in various projects and the launch of Vault Series in 2010. Ever since their first major successes, Vault Series are a guarantee for dancefloor-oriented tracks, with highly distinctive concepts and structures of sound.!

- RITZI LEE (Underground Liberation/Tortured Records) - DJ & 909



It’s all about the moment. A certain record being played at a certain time and place. For sure everyone who’s ever been at a techno party knows about the excitement taking hold of a crowd when a DJ is in fully control of this talent. With this in mind, it’s a small step to an artist like Ritzi Lee –a DJ who lives for these kinds of moments. 

Working his craft for many years now, this Dutch techno phenomenon was already there in the early days. Making his way through the Amsterdam nightlife, where he witnessed the euphoria in famous clubs like RoXY and iT, he discovered his love for pure techno music. Winning a DJ contest held by dance magazine Bassic Groove he caught a wave, getting to play renowned events like Dance Valley and the FFWD Dance Parade.

Even though Ritzi Lee was already spinning records for a couple of years, now a bigger audience noticed his talent. A flawless technique and recognizable straight techno sound made him one of techno music’s underground stars –things started to roll. 

Especially when the Dutchman launched his Underground Liberation imprint, where he’d be releasing some of the most successful techno tracks, Ritzi Lee became a household name in the international scene. He was omnipresent throughout the 00s, playing the largest festivals, performing at Awakenings, doing club gigs supporting DJs like Jeff Mills and Ben Sims, playing ADE on Dave Clarke’s night, gaining fans everywhere. A solid reputation he’s kept until today.

- DYAD (Ben Gibson + Mark Asbrey aka Fundamental Interaction) (DYAD Recordings) - Showcase DEBUT


Dyad is a collaborative music project and label by Ben Gibson and Fundamental Interaction.

Ben Gibson arrived on the techno scene in 2006 with the deep futurism of No Signify on Axis sub -label 6277, a genuine underground classic of the 00's. After relocating to Japan he developed a reputation as a producer with a tough and complex sound, releasing on labels such as Labrynth and Perc Trax.

Relocating to London, UK in 2010 Ben has continued refining his sound, developing an altogether more seductive and reduced sound with releases on respected labels M_REC LTD, Sect and Tsunami.

Following Fundamental Interaction's initial vinyl appearance on Lyon's CLFT with his remix of Kaelan's Callout, Fundamental Interaction saw his first solo vinyl appearance on the Habitat compilation curated by the highly respected Argentinian label Krill Music. This was followed with his first full solo effort for CLFT in 2013, with remixes from Aubrey and Lee Holman it proved a highly accomplished debut EP. Moving into 2014 he has continued his relationship with CLFT by remixing Binny's Destroyer.

- CHRIS PAGE (Decoy/Affin)



London-based Chris Page has been keeping a steady stream of releases coming for a good few years now. Appearing on labels such as Affin, Decoy, Micro.fon and Sonntag Morgen, he's built up a solid reputation as a producer, remixer and DJ.

Starting out back in the early noughties, gigging anywhere simply for the love of it, he has seen London's nightlife grow, fall, and grow again. This front row seat for observing the trends, shifts and consistencies of the cities nightlife has helped steer him towards the artist he is today. Chris fully utilises a laptop set up to give his sets a 'live' feel, leaving him fully in control of the finest details.

- ROMMEK (Loose Lips/Weekend Circuit/ARTS)



Despite only being 21 years old, we have been amazed by Rommek's productions for almost 6 years now. Especially in the last few years, his sound has matured hugely, making him into one of the most exciting young techno producers in London.

With recent vinyl releases on No Logo & Weekend Circuit and digital releases with Labrynth, Sonntag Morgen and B55, we can safely say that our sentiment is shared by many. Support from Developer, Francois X and Arnaud le Texier to only name a few, is the greatest compliment to the commitment exuded by Rommek over the last few years. Adriana Lopez's remix on his Thought Patterns EP being played twice on DJ Deep's boiler room a few months ago was a strong signal of this backing.

As a DJ, his sets are both unique and engaging. Recent sets at Motion, Corsica and Crucifix Lane wet the appetite for all his future residential appearances at Loose Lips. To top this off, he also holds a residency at Dazed & Confuzed, a reputable techno night in London.

Check out his guest appearance on Loose Lip's Hoxton FM show here - www.soundcloud.com/loose-lips123/debut-loose-lips-show-on-hoxton-fm-040215-wrommek?in=loose-lips123%2Fsets%2Fhoxton-fm-shows.

- MEDALLION MAN (Loose Lips/Hoxton FM)



Medallion Man is co-founder and resident of Loose Lips. He started playing on the radio, developing an unique take on experimental and electronic music. Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, he regularly offers listeners 2 hours of varied sounds.

His current project is with Hoxton FM in which his Loose Lips show invites artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis. He has previously held residencies with the likes of Seminor Lab, Pulse Productions and plays regularly in clubs such as Corsica Studios and The Egg, whilst maintaining a regular presence at South West events.

- DANBE (Loose Lips/Vivify)



Dan is our newest resident and is a man of hugely eclectic taste. Playing records with such affection, he has really started to flourish in the last couple of years. He plays and produces the finest selection of House & Techno, often with an afro-beat influence throughout. In Devon, he grew up as a major part of Groundvibes Soundsystem and held Vivify and Lightworks residencies, regularly playing alongside the likes of Phil Weeks, Medlar, Fabio Monesi, Billy Nasty and Subb-an. 

£6 / £10 pre-sale

£12 OTD