Loose Lips

Jaded w/Roman Lindau
April, 26th 5:00am - 3:00pm

Jaded w/Roman Lindau

Roman Lindau touches down at Corsica Studios to headline a special Jaded session celebrating 8 Years of Fachwerk Records / Fachwerk Digital.

Loose Lips take over our red room. You really have to listen to these guys to understand our excitement for this young London collective. Loose Lips is a new club night in London, promoting a wide range of exciting electronic music. They throw regular parties in exciting locations around the city, keeping each party unique and engaging. They also regularly release new music with the Loose Lips mix series being added to every Friday and they recently brought out the first ‘Loose Lips compilation album’ with six fantastic tracks. To find out more, make sure to tune into their show on Hoxton FM, every Wednesday 5-7pm.