Loose Lips

CV FREQS VIII x Forksound x Loose Lips
May, 13th 2:00pm - 10:00pm

CV FREQS VIII x Forksound x Loose Lips

Modular synth meet / showcase event! A day to come together and share our synthesisers.

A collaborative event hosted by Forksound Modular, Eden Grey and Loose Lips.

At Tileyard Studios in North London, where there is plenty of parking.

All with an interest in synthesizers are welcome, and all are welcome to bring their modular synthesizers, along with other DIY projects or cool sound-making craziness, and speakers and/or headphones, and powerstrips. Set up is at 1 PM and live performances start at 6.


- Phelan Kane/SSR London

Integrating Modulars With Reaktor Blocks

SSR London tutor and Reaktor / modular expert Phelan Kane will demonstrate techniques to integrate NI Reaktor 6 Blocks into a modern hardware modular system. See how patching a giant Synthesiser.com Moog-clone modular into Reaktor 6 Blocks 1.2 can expand workflow and sonic possibilities.


- BR Laser (Special guest Audiovisual performer from Vienna, Austria)

Bernhard Rasinger performs on a system that combines a modular synthesizer and state of the art laser technology to create a lucidly hypnotic audiovisual experience.


- Cherif Hashizume


- Cleanse Fold Manipulate

- Finlay Shakespeare of Future Sound Systems


- Modul8r



- Kriko

- Suso Flores


- 'AARC' Alex Allmont & Ryan Quarterman (LEGO modular project)


Please feel free to join the London Modular Synthesis community at meetup.com.