Loose Lips

| Will Soer

Post-Lockdown Event Reviews:

A journey through London's thriving Out Of Body Pop scene; Joviale, Nilüfer Yanya, Westerman & more (Feb-May 2022) 

Elkka (live) @ Corsica Studios - 09/02/22

Jenny Alien, Rose Harding, Girl Gruel, & Megalash @ Avalon Cafe - 18/11/21

Four Tet & Chloé Robinson @ O2 Academy Brixton - 06/10/21

Waterworks @ Gunnersby Park - 25/09/21

Labyrinth Open Air Opening @ Tofte Manor - 07/08/21

The Warm Up Summer Party @ The Cannon Factory, London - 31/07/21

Jayda G @ Phonox, London - 22/07/21 ((will's first club back!))


Much of Will Soer's personal work - which includes in-depth interviews, first-person reviews and a radio show - focusses on music that balances modern experimentation and accessible warmth (or 'out of body pop' as he calls it), and the people behind it, as gathered by his blog outofbodypop.com

Ever since the winter of 2018 he has been pouring much of his efforts into a multi-writer article series named Deep Cuts, aiming to explore the real voices of music experience in our generation, to explore the human possibilities of expressive music journalism. 

Outside of music journalism, Will works as a qualitative researcher, having created projects about toxic masculinity and socially distanced communication.

Will's music journalism work previously specialised in dance music (a genre with plenty of crossover with out of body pop), the analysis of which has manifested itself in a 50 page Social Anthropology masters dissertation and a 32-page magazine reframing the paper's points through his experiences living, dancing, and studying in Edinburgh.

Deep Cuts Articles:

Faith in Ecstasy

Stand Up


Double Sustenance

Euphoric Apocalyptica



Bitter Sweet

Blind Sided

Fantasy Realm

Wordless Tone

Old School

City Hues

Head Space

Personal Articles:

Sphie - Resuscitation (Kim Cosmik Remix)

Sunday Jams: Awful Things - Murkage Dave & Caroline Polachek

Lorde's third album and the power of private space

An Open Letter / Love Letter / Soul Rant to the DJs that hover in the distance

Credit and Concern: Reflections on Non-Male DJs

Bonobo in Motion, Bristol, 2015 (Rave Memories)

Evilbaby's Self-Titled EP (Mood Board + Interview)

Jossy Mitsu's Planet J (Mood Board + Interview)

Soer’s Sunday Jams: Fayzz - Neon Forest

Dr Pudding (Interview)

Rico Casazza's Perceptive Dance (Mood Board + Interview)

Nana's Sunday Jams: 2020 Retrospective

Sunday Jams: Nilüfer Yanya - Crash

Our first Deep Cuts event, 13/09/20

Nana the Sunday Jammer (interview)

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

PICKS: Will Soer's Rhythm Bass and Emo Blues Daytrip

Rollage Vol.4 - One-Listen-Review

Sunday Jams: Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song

'Planet Euphorique' with CCL, Ciel and D. Tiffany @ The Pickle Factory, London, 15/02/20

Tyler the Creator @ Brixton Academy, London, 17/09/19

Julia Star - In the Ocean I Depart

DJ Flight, Fauzia, MarshmeLLo & Josey Rebelle @ Pickle Factory, London, 21/06/19

Still Woozy @ Dingwalls, Camden, 13/05/19

Nilüfer Yanya @ Earth, Hackney - 09/04/19

Volruptus' Mothership Opens

Don Sinini's Debut Interview

Leon Vynehall’s ‘Nothing Is Still’: Re-View Review

Luca Musto's Personal Parable

Room 4 Resistance @ About Blank, Berlin - 12/05/18

Lyle's Warm Waves and Cold Soul

Kelela's Skull-Space; Take Me Apart in retrospect

Lyle - Bathing

Shanti Celeste: Discography Review

PICKS: Will Soer's 'Liminal State Dance Records'

Nabihah Iqbal @ Archspace, London - 22/03/18

The Bubbling Potential of Live Synthesisers

Nabihah Iqbal - Weighing Of The Heart