Loose Lips

| Trav Chris Wardle

I am an illustrator, animator and hand painted clothing bootlegger and video man... I work mainly in the medium of pen and ink and digital colour but also I hand paint clothing and sometimes fully hand paint drawings. I make animations and video on other days and when there is seriously good money. I skateboard, I swim, I walk a lot....

My artwork is influenced by the sur-reality of life.. the strange, the weird and the abstract.. the worlds that lie just outside of ours but which we can sense, feel and meet when we let our minds wander.

Everything is based on visions or dreams or altered consciousness and although the work lies in the mystical and otherworldly it also navigates these worlds using humour and comedy as much as possible.

It may be subtle but there is a great sense of humour in each drawing and it takes a different eye to find that. Life to me is a huge explosion of insanity, beauty, stark and raving comedy and endless confusion.

I try and reflect that in the work I create.

http://www.backdownwarchild.co.uk < illustration / moving image work
Instagram.com/backdowntrav < online portfolio

http://instagram.com/raheal_fahake / http://www.realfakebrand.com < hand painted bootleg clothing