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ŽEN - Opet Gange (tonota Remix)


ŽEN - Opet Gange (tonota Remix)

A syncopated pulsating remix of ŽEN's Opet Gange by Croatian producer tonota.


tonota (Ivona Eterović) is an electronic producer from Zagreb, Croatia. She entered the Croatian
scene with her project called Playgound Hustle which was a combination of bassy beats with
experimental rap. In her solo work she likes to go from one extreme to another, making fully
ambiental works like her first self-released song called ‘’sve se kretalo i sve je stalo.’’ or doing
songs heavily based on ryrhthm. This remix is a good representation of both worlds.

Music: tonota - Mix and master: Igor Ivanković – Level point studio Art: helaktopter.