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Your Gay Thoughts - The Watercolors (King Deluxe)

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Your Gay Thoughts - The Watercolors (King Deluxe)

Pop music is a term so often used to be either dismissive or patronising, its connotations of mass consumption conjuring up images of something lesser and fleeting. The fact that pop music stopped simply meaning popular decades ago seems of little consequence; without pop music to frown at, how else would music snobs distinguish themselves from everyone else? Since the term alternative pop seems inherently stupid for these reasons, Your Gay Thoughts' debut is pop through and through, adopting the melodic pop aesthetic whilst injecting it with a whole host of worldly influences. This is how the top 40 would sound if it was pulled backwards into a dream landscape, a feel-good record that never fails to be interesting in its musical choices. 


The first track proper on the record, 'Wet Vexing Rose' is full of rich and satisfying sounds, with the song's bedrock composed of what can only be described as liquid being poured delicately through the speakers. Here and elsewhere Your Gay Thoughts draw liberally from old school hip-hop, with the kick-drums grounding a record that often feels on the verge of floating away. Far from being an issue, this occasional loss of physicality is what gives the record its character. Gregor Kocijančič has a sublime voice designed explicitly for drifting in and out of focus, and whilst it is often a focal point, the commitment to using vocals sparingly is something to be admired. 

What ties this album together is the slinky sensuality found on many of the tracks. The general formula for each song can probably be broken down as: washed-out synths + hip-hop drums + Aled Jones-style vocals (appropriate for this time of year) = laid back, woozy pop. This common strand means that tracks that don't stray too far from the formula can fall a little flat, since they have little to distinguish themselves from the pack. However, when Your Gay Thoughts break off on a tangent, it tends to be particularly arresting, especially since much of this album is pleasantly subdued.


Sadly, some things on the record simply don't work. These aforementioned disruptions of the dreamlike balance on The Watercolors are hit-or-miss, even if the ratio is firmly in Your Gay Thoughts favour. The fruity loops-esque dubstep breakdown in 'To Disappear' feels particularly egregious, especially contrasted with the much warmer oscillating bassline on 'Transit of Venus'. These occasional missteps alongside the record's less memorable moments prevent Your Gay Thoughts from crafting something timeless, but when it shines, as on the toe-tapping 'Among the Lull', it transcends traditional conceptions of pop, becoming something truly sublime. 

By Blaise Radley | Loose Lips



1. Claude Monet Acapella 

2. Wet Vexing Rose

3. To Disappear 

4. Dybbuk 

5. Thats Past 

6. Spitting Image 

7. Cup Of Smoke 

8. Among The Lull

9. Gastrolith Pt 2 

10. Transit Of Venus 

11. Claude Monet