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Young Love - Cleo Sol

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Young Love - Cleo Sol

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Yes, Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back, how the hell are you? Hope you are managing to keep it together in whatever way that looks like. Very happy to be back here on this platform, I’ve been reflecting on how lucky I am to have this outlet to express my love of music and all the things that come with it. Very thankful for you guys and all those who take time out to listen, send me likes, loves and a scribble a few words – you make my day.


So, this week it’s something a bit different and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I got a chance to talk to a DJ I love, Miss SarahTonin, who I got to know via an Instagram deep dive. After listening to a few of her shows I was hooked then basically put myself in her pathway – a polite way of saying I bulldozed my way into her life! She introduced me to the Aloha Got Soul label (see my a Sunday Jam from March this year ft. Steve and Teresa) which blew my mind and spurred me on to make her part of my gang. As you might know I have a very special place in my heart for music that comes my way without the help of an algorithm or playlist, it’s such a special thing when you get to find tunes via a recommendation of a person you like, admire etc., which is why a good and knowledgeable DJ is worth their weight in gold so many times over. Nothing can ever, EVER beat the excitement and electricity that comes with people sharing their passions. No matter how we get our music it will always be people driven even if we get a bit lost in the technology sometimes.


Today’s offering is a chat I had with Sarah, it’s part interview but mostly two music lovers just chewing the fat, so you get to listen in to the birth of musical friendship, a really special moment for me. Big, big, BIG love to Sarah for taking the time and for allowing me equal space to comment and crack up. Her choice of track for today is Cleo Sol, with the achingly beautiful ‘Young Love. You can listen to Sarah broadcasting every Monday on Mana’O Radio, her show is called The Golden Record, or you can listen via Mixcloud (this one was my favourite show) tune in, it makes Monday a vibe, hit the link and listen to us chat it up. Happy Sunday, love as always.