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Wow - 1010 Benja SL

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Wow - 1010 Benja SL

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome, welcome and welcome back. Hope all is good, and that you are managing to stay upright, finding light to stand in, and enjoying the tunes so far.

So I was all set for a new mini tour, then walked through a side door and ended up in a spin off and had one of those unplanned good times so am going with the detour and dedicating the next two jams to this artist (who knows might even be three because he’s more than worth it). Today’s artist is a soul of immense talent and one of those musicians who just feels like he was born with a singular purpose but has circular vision. You get the feeling he just wouldn’t know how not to do it even if he tried – also I’d never want him not to ever try.

Today’s track is the fully electric Wow by the heavy slice that is 1010 Benja SL. If you’ve read any of my long form Deep Cuts pieces, you’ll know how deep the love runs for this guy. I’m here for everything he does, always. He has this unique combination of talent coupled with a continuous desire and ability to experiment and push his own musical boundaries. Resulting in music that is soul filling, head spinning and often heart churning. I’m curious to see where his musical road will take him. Listening to his sound is like walking through a film where the angles change in split seconds led by a protagonist whose character can morph in the flip of a frame. At one point it’s a long shot and the melody is simple, easy to reach but then a jump cut and all of a sudden, it’s a big close up immersing you in surreal lyrics, cosmic storytelling and other worldly vocals. Then into a wide all-encompassing shot full of texture, genre layering and playfulness, poking at your feet, prodding your fingers, badgering your shoulders and calling to your musical soul to work it out. Add in multi-instrumentalism and you’ve got the recipe for a musical visionary so if you haven’t bumped into him yet take this opportunity to make him a permanent fixture in your life.

Today’s track is his latest release and it’s a heaped spoon of electric exuberance quite literally Wow. I’ve listened to it on repeat over the course of the week and I’m still not out the other side yet but I’m wild with joy for it. It’s sparse on lyrics, heavy on shredding and packed with soul - the building blocks of his musical DNA. In comparison to some of his more introspective ballad style compositions this feels bigger and fuller. You can hear the influence of retro soul arrangement and can imagine a full band reminiscent of a Motown sound spliced with rock soul guitar taken out to an open space and given the freedom to just run. It’s heaven and if you’re in need of some light to pierce through the cloud cover and entice the sun to come back, this is it. It’s a big tune that deserves boss speakers and, if you’ve got a space that will allow it and similar minded humans turn it up, extra loud. This is the equivalent of musical vitamin C packed with extra fizz so shake off the Saturday night haze, come to terms with Sunday and wile the hell on out.

Hope you enjoy it Sunday Jammers. Sending you loves and sparkles for your Sunday until next week. Loves.