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Woo Hoo - The

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes Sunday Jammers. So, it’s the last week before festive feasting! Cannot believe that’s it’s here already and 2022 is coming in fast. So, 2021 was another odd one but still glad I managed to show up for it. Big love to all of you who send kind words, double hearts and general positivity; so much love to you.

This week will be the last one of the written jams for a few weeks – We at Loose Lips are taking a collective pause to reset and reposition ready for 2022! So, little reminder for you; if you are finding yourself in need of a Sunday Jam fix during the break, you find yourself in need remember the playlist is only a click away. It’s ready to transport you if that’s what you need, find a centre ground or just want something to wile the hell out to. We got you need so tell us what you need, tell us what you need, we got what you need (that’s a refix on a banger extra love points if you can name the original).

So, the closing act of this mini tour came as a bit of a surprise - a welcome one - I was all cued up to finish up with some beautiful, soul lifting, new experimental pop but then I had a late night watch of Kill Bill and I found myself at an after-hours party. To be fair I was the only guest, but it was mad fun courtesy of The’s with the always electric ‘Woo Hoo. I’m always here for this outfit with their classic rock inspired sound with a large serving of punk, couldn’t care less edge, it’s controlled, reflecting the level of skill, yet totally unbound and I loves it so. A good example of passion matching the craftsmanship. It’s definitely a cheat in terms of the theme (but since it isn’t narrative singing or full sentences I’m calling it a cheat day).

Things I love about The's: they blend energy, creativity and edge effortlessly and play it at the highest setting on the volume scale. Even when watching them through a screen, the vibe is transporting and infectious. The blend of garage rock, rockabilly, punk and surfer rock points to a highly skilled outfit who make a complex blend sound so easy. Besides playing some heavy rock'n'roll they also look cool as hell with style for days I love the juxtaposition of the 1950s rock'n'roll styling married with their punk sensibilities makes it easy to understand how they came to Tarantino’s attention going onto feature in Kill Bill in the infamous scene where Beatrix Kiddo goes to exact revenge on on O-Ren Ishii. There is something timeless about this trio and as I said, just endlessly cool.

 It's such a great one to end this mini tour, a big blood moving high number. Hope you enjoy it, Big love Sunday Jammers wishing you light, love and Big Fun over Christmas and Happy Happy New Year.