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What’s In The Bag? April 2016


What’s In The Bag? April 2016

Back in April 2016, we were asked by Cafe 1001 to highlight a selection of tracks we’re loving at the moment...

1) Skee Mask – Shred 08

An ultimate favourite of our crew. This is a love letter to 90’s Electronica. Those lush pads, that constantly waving drum pattern and that acid bassline..  It’s the equivalent of getting lost in a sea of liquid lights. 

2) Milanese Vs. Virus Syndicate – Dead Man Walking

A Grime classic from 10 years ago. But it shouldn’t be called Grime, really. Robots have been uploaded with Virus Syndicate’s AIs and been dropped in the middle of a post-nuclear wasteland designed by London producer Milanese. 

3) Unit – Static Beef

From the Narcoleptic Symphony album. This is an example of how extremely great music can go over the radar.. This album is a masterpiece from A to Z, delving into the lucid dream states of Christian Fleming, who is now making a living as  a cartoonist for a New-Yorkan newspaper. If this album went into the hand of conservative politicians, it would be banned, because it induces alternate states of consciousness. Hunt it down, you won’t regret it!

4) Roly Porter – Mass

Since Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy EP, it’s been common to describe the beat as the Bucephalus Bouncing Ball style. Nevertheless, Roly Porter uses it in a completely different way, to emphasise the detailed sound design happening all over this stellar piece of music. Not only this track, but the whole Third Law album is the soundtrack of an imaginary metaphysical science fiction film, released in the year 2126.

5) Ben Pest – Schedule Acid

This is the cheekiest, catchiest acid tune we’ve heard in a long time, with its nonchalant vocals and that laidback yet ravey vibe, this one is a dancefloor uplifter, in all its Acid simplicity.