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Vamp Sonic Selects

"I’ve always been drawn to intense, darker sounds. Even long before I got into electronic music, I was always listening to heavy intense music, whether that was rock, classical, pop or hip-hop. Anything that I felt intuitively was conveying a mood or storytelling but in a hyper-emotive way. When I started up VAMP Sonic, a platform/radio-show/event for experimental and obscure forms of electronic and dance music, I felt there was a knowledge-gap in how much interesting music there was beyond the parameters of four-to-the-floor dancefloor bangers. I became fascinated by how listening to music could become a fully immersive experience, one that could be confusing yet joyful, that you could have the rug pulled out from under you. That you could dance to broken off-kilter beats. It was also an opportunity to showcase a new style of track selecting and blending that has now become my signature. I pick music very intuitively and am a very visual thinker, so the tracks I’m drawn to the most are ones where I can almost see shapes evolving throughout the track. Those that have a cinematic, narrative, poetic sound to them. It was also an explorative research project for me in discovering as many lesser-known producers and DJs operating in this niche community from around the world."

"When I sat down to make this playlist, I thought about what I love most about doing VAMP. For me it’s about connecting with artists from all over, whether it’s them joining me on my monthly Threads show or just getting in touch because we admire the other’s productions or tastes. Making friends and connections just through a shared interest feels very powerful in times when we couldn’t be physically together. In this past year a lot of my interactions with artists have been over social media, finding new ways to collaborate. These were often made while sitting at home missing friends and family, and pining for the community feeling of the club and in-person events. This last year has had a lot of changes for all of us and how our day-to-day existence looks very different now. What’s changed most drastically is our understanding of time. While we try not to, we’re often caught up in nostalgia for a simpler time before the pandemic, or trying to fast-forward to another time."

"And so, for this playlist I wanted to convey that feeling of hope that things will get better. I’ve picked a selection of tracks around the theme of rebirth. Of coming out of difficult times into more positive places. I wanted to touch on that feeling where it still feels uncertain, but there’s a light we’re moving towards. There are so many incredible artists making unreal music and productions, and so I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase my favourite artists I’ve been listening to that work with the theme. My music collection is absolutely massive, there’s literally loads to choose from so it was very tough to choose favourites. So I’ve defined this very loosely so it could be anything from the title to how the song builds. Sink in and enjoy :-D"

Lyra Valenza - Reality Blizz


So many crazy but butter smooth transitions in this. An emotive, ravey number with mad drums. A firm favourite from the Danish duo behind the Petrola 80 label.

Gooooose - Lab White


I love the piano at the beginning, it feels like new beginnings listening to this. When the drums and vocal loops start gradually kicking in it’s slightly jarring but draws you in at the same time.

Music For Your Plants - New Man


I absolutely love the whole album by Estonian artist Music For Your Plants. I don’t know why exactly, but when I listen to this I feel like something melting or breaking down. Like digital debris. There’s so many nice details in the sound design, and the build up takes you to all kinds of places.

Decius - Come To Me Villa


A very sexy one. That voice...

Diessa - Loukanikos


Diessa has been getting so much well-deserved press recently, and for good reason. I really enjoy all the twists and turns this one from Furious Styles’ label Hi-NRG takes.

Jinjé - Cinétique


Club-anchored experimentation. A warping, transcendental electro ballad.

Adana Twins - Who Made Who Immersion


This synthy one feels almost cinematic. Like a dramatic car chase, or a standoff in a Western film. Very slick, clumsy in the best way. 

Oklou - God’s Chariots


I’m obsessed with Oklou on many levels, their brain is amazing. This track has lovely hints of early noughties pop, and I love Oklou’s breathy voice in this.

Vaikinai Iš Padorių Šeimų - Vaikinai Iš Padorių Šeimų


My partner is Lithuanian and they’ve introduced me to so much great dance music from over there. There’s such a distinctive style and this particular track conveys that. The voiceover in Lithuanian is also beautiful to listen to; it’s a track about rebelling but also quite tongue in cheek.

Jiafeng - Facetime Love (felicita Remix)


It felt right to end on this one. We have such a love hate relationship with our phones, especially after 18 months of communicating through screens. Delicious hyper-pop seems to always strike the right tone of this feeling. 

Sydd Viscose (she/they) is a queer, gender-questioning DJ, promoter and radio host born and based in London. Alongside cultivating a broad ear covering a range of genres - from alternative groove to experimental IDM and industrial beats - Sydd Viscose’s work centres on campaigning for better equality in the music industry. They are the founder of VAMP Sonic - a platform spotlighting LGBTQIA+, non-binary and womxn artists working in experimental sound and music; the premise being to create a space for full-throttle release of sounds and to build and online & offline community for appreciators of unconventional sound.

Since it’s beginning, the project has picked up interest from a number of platforms. Sydd was featured by NIKS in her ‘Mixcloud Selects’ series showcasing upcoming new artists in 2020. She was invited by Pirate studios to take over their Instagram for a day in April. Sydd also hosted a livestream DJ set in February to raise funds for AKT, a charity supporting LGBTQIA+ young people facing homelessness. Sydd has also recently played outdoor gigs at HWK and Brixton Courtyard in London. They also host a monthly residency on Threads Radio, with guests including Warrego Valles, ex.sses, TAAHLIAHH, Evil M and many more. She’s also had shows on a range of well-known radio stations worldwide from Glasgow’s Subcity to France’s LYL Radio, booking gigs at VFD and Low Profile Studios.

Having started out as part of renowned drag cabaret Pollyanna in Edinburgh, where they soundtracked avant-garde queer performances with disco, house, pop and club classics from the 80s and 90s - her sets continue to encompass these early influences and the euphoric queer sensibility grounded in these tracks.

After two sensational runs as a resident DJ for Pollyanna’s Fringe festival show, they went on to co-found Miss World, a DJ collective and club night in Edinburgh striving for better inclusivity, booking gigs around Scotland as well as a holding a monthly residency at Sneaky Petes - holding spots on lineups including Peach, Moxie and Nightwave. 

With over 7 years experience booking acts and curating lineups, Sydd’s sharp curatorial skills and eye for detail are apparent in their unique track selections and ambitious mixing styles that bring both emotion and high energy. They approach each mix as an evolving narrative, treating each sound as a tactile object with a specific role in taking you on a journey, one which you’re never sure where it’ll progress.