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Two Nights - Joy Crookes

(Not) Nana's Sunday Jams

Two Nights - Joy Crookes

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

This is not Nana. 

Don’t panic, this is very much still Sunday Jams. My name is Victoria and I will be stepping in to cover Nana’s usual Sunday slot for the remaining weeks of August. I’ve been working behind the scenes on the Loose Lips team since March, and I’ve been editing the Jam each week. Now that Nana’s gone on holiday, I’ll be stepping up and sending out some tunes of my own. 

I’ll be providing you with tracks to make you mellow out and maximise the sunshine that I hope we’ll get. If it rains, I’ve even got a song for that too. Think of this as a summer camp for your Sundays. 

The first track I’ll be sharing with you comes from Joy Crookes. Her track ‘Two Nights’ has perpetually stayed in my mind since I first heard it back in 2019. It is one of the few songs that I will never skip when my songs are on shuffle, and tunes like that are hard to come by. 

The neo-soul, R&B feeling from this track will get you out of bed on a Sunday morning and feeling like the main character as you walk out of the house. It’s especially poignant if you’re heading out of someone else’s house, if you catch my drift, and contemplating the wastemen (or women!) you’re dating see her first verse for more on this.

Crookes’ writing is often about self-love and self-reliance, giving us ‘Woman: born and raised in London’ feelings through and through. Her lyrics reflect the experience of young modern women, figuring out relationships, their careers and themselves. The Reminiscence EP that features ‘Two Nights’ is my particular favourite, with ‘Lover Don’t’ also being a standout song from the selection. 

The gentle drawl of her voice is captivating and distinctive, so with her debut album Skin to be released in October, I am sure we’ll all be hearing a lot more of her this year.