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Treece x We'll See - SNES-CD (prod. Hyro) (Constructions Tape)


Treece x We'll See - SNES-CD (prod. Hyro) (Constructions Tape)

This new premiere introduces the playful and astute Hip-Hop of a hugely talented trio. SNES-CD is the 3rd track from Constructions, a new tape released via our very own resident MC's platform, SWMS. If you've ever been into gaming and vintage consoles, then this is the track for you! Constructions tape showcases the work of rappers Treece & We'll See, on top of Hyro's lo-fi productions. The release will also be presented in a unique one-video format - check out our artist profile below for a little bit more information on this...

The Constructions release is available on tape, and digitally, on January 1st 2017. You'll be able to download it from swms.bandcamp.com/.



ARTIST PROFILE (by Frederick Sugden):


Devonian Treece & Chesire-born We'll See first met in a pub when they both moved to Manchester. They immediately started spitting together, forming a devious duo whose music reflects on the gritty and addictive city that they both now live in. Whether its driving through M14 or slouching into the sofa, they're sure to have an idiosyncratic way of telling their stories.

Our man Treece, as well as being our very favourite rapper and a Loose Lips resident MC, is an indispensable part of our entire project. Holding down the fort in Manchester, he has been an integral force in all of our outputs over the last 2 years. He's also the joint-founder of SWMS (south-west-mind-state), a Hip Hop collective formed back when he lived in the shire!


Will, aka We'll See, is a talented vocalist, often focused on dark subject matter and intricate wordplay. He's been rapping since 2010 and previously played guitar in a number of metal bands, before turning to his now beloved MPC. He recently released his own 'Shadow Less EP' and has plenty more projects on the horizon in 2017. Crucially as well, his expression on this album goes further than his lyrics. He's the man behind the one-video footage of the entire album. As opposed to individual track music videos, the tape is presented via a short film, encompassing all of the pieces. It was shot on a VHS, experimenting with processes such as microwaving VHS tapes!


Finally, shouts go to Hyro, the 22 year old hip hop producer from Manchester who laid the foundations for the Constructions tape. He's a member of the SWMS collective and has a focus on lo-fi sound, influenced by 90’s boom bap and Memphis rap. We've been lucky enough to listen through a large portion of his unreleased back catalogue, seriously whetting the appetite for 2017! As we speak, he has today released his como.dreams beat-tape, available to cop on his Bandcamp here - hyro.bandcamp.com/.