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Till Krüger's Favourite Non-Single Album Tracks


Till Krüger's Favourite Non-Single Album Tracks

Well hey there poppets! I got a bit over-excited whilst editing our last Picks article, who can blame me, the rave is coming back!!! Went for a walk around my local park blasting breakbeats in my headphones and treated myself to a big greasy pizza, bliss. The next day I felt a bit tired and sticky, but the rave was still in my heart. Time for some cinematic techno and electronica, home listening music for the misty eyed and romantic. Well whadaya know, here is Till Krüger, fresh from releasing his tearjerker Gravity, sharing a set of his favourite non-single album tracks, keeping the sonic yass pulsing through the radiator. Enjoy!

The whole album is a masterpiece.

If I had to describe my definition of techno with one track, this would be it.

A classic groove driven techno album. This track could go on forever.

It’s such a subtle track although it’s super fast - should be something around 140 bpm. Absolutely amazing.

It’s everyone’s favorite :) mine as well!

Synkro’s music is great to relax.

Tycho has made so many great tracks and albums.

This tune is one of my favorites. He always has great melodies, especially in this tune.

An endless loop of pure groove.

His work inspired me a lot to write my album.

I used to listen to his live sets a lot when I was younger.

Still like it and also the fact that the album was recorded live.

They did some amazing tunes in the past.

This one is my favourite.

His productions are amazing.

I am not a big fan of vocals in dance music in general, but this song is really beautiful.

The main track Even If is a hit and the whole album is great as well.

I decided to pick the outro for this selection.