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This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) - Talking Heads

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This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) - Talking Heads

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes Sunday Jammers. Greetings. I hope all is good, right and shiny with you. Hope life is behaving itself and giving you time to enjoy the tunes so far. Hope you’re bumping this playlist, two more stops along the way then ‘Get Right Sunday’ comes to an end. Have really enjoyed making this, it’s so nice being able to think about Saturday nights being back on and how to prolong the memory of them for just a little longer.

So, I’ve been a bit back and forth about whether or not to include this track in the playlist - not because it isn’t a banger, more that being such a classic might make it hard to really hear it. Sometimes when a tune is so well known it becomes unwittingly embedded and it gets taken for granted, or want of a better term. Not that it’s overlooked but more that it becomes so saturated it feels like part of the background. This does not in any way stop it from being a total gem; it’s a classic beauty making it timeless and powerful. It belongs, comfortably, in this playlist, so I challenge you to remind yourself why it’s a masterpiece of epic proportions and encourage you to take a proper amount of time when you listen to it. Reach into the background and pull it into the forefront, don’t hum along to it, get inside the lyrics and sing it out loud. Remind yourself how noise making, Avant Garde pop, afro high life and new wave/electronica come together to create an audio feast. It has, and always, will be a main contender so put some respect on when you’re listening to it.

Today’s track is ‘This Must Be the Place’ (Naïve Melody) by the music giants that are Talking Heads. This is one of my all-time favourite pieces of music and without a doubt one of my dessert islands tracks. Besides it’s obvious beauty it stirs so many emotions simultaneously depending on when and where I’m listening. When I’m far away from home it always helps me to feel connected, same goes for times of solitude, a tried and tested seduction track and always uplifts any mood. As a musical outfit Talking Heads always manage to strike the right balance between Art and Pop, finding space to blend genres always with attitude, plenty of joy and inspire rhythm and grooving.

This Must Be the Place’ is one of my dreaming tracks for transporting me to some far away imagined land. It has this ethereal, sometimes dark, sensuous quality that wraps itself gently around you. An invisible string pulling at your feet and sending you to your dance floor. Whenever this comes on, I’ve found myself automatically stepping towards an open space to colonise and make it into a dance floor, my kitchen floor usually, while singing purposefully into my wooden spoon. David Byrne’s other worldly, abstract vocal adds an almost psychedelic element that offers a glimpse into another dimension, one where you can see the machinations of a beating heart as it reacts to the high, emotionally charged notes. So sublime and magical. The idea of travelling, being out of place, the longing for something earthy and familiar is bittersweet and just so affecting.

So, I’m leaving you with an assignment for you today to help refresh your relationship with this stunner; pick through the notes, work out the blends and where the sweetest spots are, do you hear the playful element in the arrangement and where it plays up on the melancholy? Think it's almost panpipes sounds that run alongside the sharpness of the electronica, the intense vocal and powerful lyricism. Soaring and sublime. Enjoy and Happy Sunday!