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the irrepressibles - 10 electronic tracks that speak to your soul


the irrepressibles - 10 electronic tracks that speak to your soul

This weeks picks come from 'The Irrepressibles', the creative guise of Yorkshire-born, now Manchester-based, artist Jamie Irrepressible. After the release of 'IR Electronic II', an album comprised of original tracks and various remixes, by established artists and newcomers alike, he's chosen 10 electronic tracks for us, that will speak to your soul. 

Listen to his new album here.

Röyksopp & Jamie Irrepressible - Something in My Heart

This track had me crying those high notes, at a time of big change in my life.

Poison Lips - Vitalic 

The soul isn’t always sad, it's getting up and shaking it out. That’s certainly this track, that masterfully modernises 70s Space Disco.


TIME - Onuka

One of my best friends is from Ukraine and he showed me this profound track, the video brings together Paganism, which is really inherent to their culture, with the meaning of the track. Apart from the out of time kick drum (haha) it’s an amazing track. 

Melody of Love - Hot Chip 

Melody of Love says all the right things when you’re depressed (ha). My touring keys player and I had a cry together listening to it one night. 


Rusty Nails - Moderat 

The beat of this song sounds like the process and movement of the body faltering and getting up; the vocals the internal voice. As a track, I feel like it empathises with moving through life. 


 Dominance - The Irrepressibles 

This track is pure sex, but then that’s what’s in the soul too (ha). 

Closer - Nine Inch Nails 

Along with the work of Peaches (who I was lucky enough meet one night in Berlin), this Nine Inch Nails masterpiece was an influence for my track 'Dominance'. 


Shoes - Tiga 

The cheeky soul. 


Chime - Orbital 

The joyful playful soul. 

The Most Beautiful Boy - The Irrepressibles & Felsemann & Tiley 

Felsmann and Tiley’s rework of my track 'The Most Beautiful Boy' takes the chamber-pop-meets-electronic original into a pure synth landscape, focusing on the refrain. 

Listen to the full playlist here...