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TÉNÈBRE - Khanate (Tenebre006)


TÉNÈBRE - Khanate (Tenebre006)

We're delighted to present you with an exclusive of the opening track from this forthcoming TÉNÈBRE EP, released on his very own label, as TENEBRE006. 

This EP, signalling the start of his 'Territory series', is epic and industrial! "The endless ramifications led to the outer edges...we could finally see where the grid ends and how it stretches on earth across the sea and the mountains. Here is a territory of the void, made of glass and built on the heaths of a coast which no longer exists." Territory 1 is available digitally on December 2nd 2016.  Pre-order 'Territory 1' on itunes here - apple.co/2ffOYXZ.

ARTIST PROFILE (by Miles Murgett):

https://soundcloud.com/tenebre-audi...Ténèbre is a French Techno producer that currently resides in Seoul, Korea.  Assuch, his music paints a powerful image of the sprawling urban environment of the Korean megalopolis, with relentlessly rolling kick drums, claustrophobic percussive lines, and soul-penetrating synthesisers. The man behind the brooding techno alias is Paul Ténèbre, who has released each of his first five EPs through his own imprint ‘Ténèbre Audio’.  His focus is on creating a thought-provoking atmosphere, whilst retaining an internal energy to each track.

Ténèbre has developed somewhat of a cult following throughout the UK and Europe, with each of his releases being received with critical acclaim by DJs, producers, and critics alike. Alongside his immaculate productions, Paul is an incredible selector. Having contributed to The Ransom Note, Selftitledmag and his own mix series, he has created some amazing mixes that delve into the deeper side of the genre, and bring focus to the power of intricate percussion.

Over the next year, Paul has some exciting projects in the pipeline. The first of these is this sixth Ténèbre EP, which is coming out via his own label. Here, we have chosen to feature the track ‘Khanate’ from the Territory 1 EP! Over the course of this series, Ténèbre will continue to contemplate his surroundings, providing an in-depth look at how a sonic landscape can be sculpted into a simulacrum of the often unseen human dimension in our cities.