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Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Eliptical (CE020)


Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Eliptical (CE020)

Cultivated Electronics is celebrating 10 years as a label with its 20th release ‘Ten Year Electronics’. This is the final chapter in a 5 part collaborative series that has seen CE-head, Sync 24, team up with the likes of Morphology, The Exaltics, Silicon Scally and DMX Krew. 


On this one, legendary UK maverick and general Electro don, Radioactive Man (Keith Tenniswood / Two Lone Swordsmen) joins Sync 24 on ‘Eliptical’, a squelching and shimmering track that’s laced with electronic funk.

To be released on January 23rd on 12” and digital.https://www.clone.nl/item44225.html

Check some previews of the EP here: https://soundcloud.com/cultivated-e...



Sync 24, or Phil to his mum, has been making sure proper electro still relevant in the modern era for over a decade, with a string of personal releases stretching back to 2003. His own imprint, Cultivated Electronics, acts as a home for his own and other like minded projects, and its output proves that electro's stripped back and anarchic grooviness is as essential now as it has ever been. 


Keith Tenniswood, better known as Radioactive Man and to most perhaps, as one half of Two Lone Swordsmen with Andrew Weatherall, has a sound with a big heart, underpinned by electro-driven funk. Over the years, he’s put many accolades to his name – credited with co-producing with David Holmes the award winning ‘Lets Get Killed’, engineering the live sound for Sabres of Paradise on the Primal Scream UK tour in 96, being among the first to contribute to Fabric’s mooted mix series, and for Tenniswood it’s still his Swordsmen era album ‘Tiny Reminders’ that is to this day one of his proudest moments.