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Sully - 5ives / Sliding

Dnb Fix 074

Sully - 5ives / Sliding

In this week’s DnB fix we’re visiting the jungle legend himself – Sully. With his new release, 5ives / Sliding on Over / Shadow. 

Over / Shadow is an evolution of Moving Shadow, formed in 2020 by 2 bad mice. They remained friends with many of the producers from Moving Shadow and wanted to support them and their art with a whole new venture. Very quickly they have of course become one hell of a player within modern jungle. 

When you think of Modern Jungle Sully is probably (and should be) one of the first names people with think of. Even when he was known for his garage, he still had the spirit of jungle behind his mixes and tunes.

A year after the absolute monster release that is Swandive, he’s back again with another equally monstrous release. The talent and care that goes into Sully’s tunes is obvious. It would have been easy for him to try to replicate the structure of Swandive yet he manages to create the same impact in a whole new way 5ives manages to be euphoric while still maintaining a classic moodiness found in a Sully tune. He manages to turn the time stretched breaks into a melody, seamlessly blending into the harps and strings creating a metallic sounding track with hefty breaks. The bass breaks through the track letting everyone know it’s there and pounding before the vocal peaks through. 

Sliding is the other side of the release, while many might say it’s not as punchy, I would say it’s the perfect accompaniment to 5ives. The creative use of breaks, melding hand in hand with the dark melody, taking the listener on a twisted journey. Sliding is 5ives darker and moodier younger brother, pushing you through moments of tension and release and only finally letting you go when the tune ends.

If you want to listen to this yourself, here are the links: