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Strange Antiquark - SEGMENT N.1 (EVEL038)


Strange Antiquark - SEGMENT N.1 (EVEL038)

First segment from this new release by Strange Antiquark on EVEL, this piece lifts you into the first segment
by bathing you in lysergic-sounding fluids over a rhythmic crescendo. A perfect way to start the journey into this
fantastic album.

From Strange Antiquark's Elektronische Komposition N.1 on Barcelona-based EVEL.

Out now on CD / on digital from 06.08.2021 - https://evel.bandcamp.com/album/elektronische-komposition-n-1

Second installment in Evel for Strange Antiquark.
This time with a very special release, a unique one-hour piece presented in 11 segments.
Elektronische Komposition N.1 is an endless sequence of images and rhythmic leftovers merge to develop an intimate and personal narrative made of allusions to many styles mixed in the most organic way for experiencing another plane of perception.
Going through the idm electronica to the finest and most experimental jazz, Strange antiquark displays a very complex rhythms accompanied by an unusual melodic expressiveness. As a veteran pianist / guitarist (Strange antiquark started playing the piano at the age of 5) he has managed to transcend the classical styles and merge it with the digital electronic experimentation of these days.
This conceptual masterpiece lays the foundation for a new style of fusion within electronic music.

Elektronische Komposition N.1 is going to be the first release of an exclusive CD series edited by Evel Records and designed by Aplauso Studio. The series will be an interesting journey in the most current electronic experimentation.

For those who buy the CD and that they will also have access to the digital release ,we have produced a special and exclusive poster that would be an evolution of the artwork that we have used and that will be signed by the artist who produced it: Adri Valls.

For lovers of technical specifications just say that all the audio has been mastered at the highest quality, so we have decided that the release has the same sample rate that has been used in mastering, so you can enjoy the digital version at 96khz .