Loose Lips

Stace Constantinou - Glowverse (The First Law Suite)


Stace Constantinou - Glowverse (The First Law Suite)

Following up on his engaging guest appearance on our radio show a few weeks ago (loose-lips.co.uk/radio-shows), we are now delighted to premiere this abstract excursion from Stace's new 5-track EP.

The First Law Suite will be released digitally, via his Bandcamp next week (link below).



Composer, producer, teacher, writer and occasional radio programme maker. A classically trained musician, pianist, cellist and electronic music producer. His music could be seen as classically oriented but using modern audio materials, and contemporary production techniques. He also dabbles with electronic engineering projects, designing and producing his own equipment to use in the compositional process and on stage.

He performs his own music live, using live-electronic interactions, as well as scoring for instrumentalists, and producing CDs. His latest EP 'The First Law' for example, is inspired by two elements: the somewhat standardised suite of Bach and Handel’s day, which consisted of a set of dances, usually six. And a collection of science fiction stories by Isaac Asimov themed around a robotic future.

Inspired by various sources including philosophy, mathematics and patterns he readily engages with the defining materials of our day: multidimensional musical space, complexity/ minimalism, music-objects/ sound-objects, natural and synthetic spectrums, microtonalism, electronic/ organic and computer-aided composition.

His aesthetic is unorthodox and may at any time sound spontaneously beautiful, clangourous, sparse, visceral, complex, minimal or expressive.