Loose Lips

Spaceport Lounge Music by Vitling


Spaceport Lounge Music by Vitling

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to newly-found label Edge Network’s debut release. As you await to board your spacecraft headed towards dimension Freedom, please enjoy the facilities this Spaceport Lounge Music EP has to offer. 

It’s time to unwind and to leave outside the distresses that this year has brought us. In here, it’s just you and the music, produced by multidisciplinary artist David Whiting, under his Vitling moniker – a visit to Whiting’s algorithmic art website is highly recommended. Friend and fellow producer DJ Sterni, and label-head Halffish deliver powerful remixes for your enjoyment.

The set is yours to imagine; the crowd, yours to choose. Feel free to sip on cocktails as colourful as the chords that smoothly flow over a groovy house beat in the original mix of the EP’s title track Spaceport Lounge Music. Should your shoulders begin to shake to the rhythm, allow them to do so. 

Energy is about to rise with Halffish Approach Run Mix. In preparation for boarding, the beat speeds up, announcing a darker, faster, heavier rendition of the entry track is about to take place. Acid lines and trance elements come into play, moving around the original’s chords as bodies in a dense dancefloor. Please remember, there is room for everyone as long as they come in peace.

On board, the atmosphere is as easy-going as the beat of In-Flight Entertainment. From the cockpit, captain Vitling greets the passengers with gentle strokes of a cosmic caribbean keyboard. As the groove sets in, our minds are about to take off. No turbulence is expected in this chill-out, mid-afternoon glide across fluffy pink clouds of a celestial nebula. If only real flying could be so soothing…

With our senses at cruise speed, DJ Sterni serves up a superb remix for In-Flight Entertainment, which we preview here. The funky bassline infused with strokes of dub over a bed of crafty percussion has an aftertaste of classic jazz. The most delicious thing about this remix is how well it honours the original, lending the main stage to the trademark leads, and yet sounds so refreshingly deeper. A true cherry.

We hope you enjoyed the journey through Edge Network’s debut release, out this April 30th. Running out of Berlin by Oren Berkowitz aka Halffish, Edge Network “focuses on creating connections between electronic musicians to inspire each other to create new sounds.”

We wish you a warm welcome, and many more happy flights to come.